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Friday, March 3, 2017

National Team Steering Committee

National Team Steering Committee

The Board of Directors of USA Swimming has established the Steering Committee (see USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, Article 506.9) with the responsibilities to operate under the direction of the National Team Director to create a National Team Program; expedite decisions regarding that program; and plan for specific needs of the National Team in preparation for international competition.

The National Team Director is empowered with all decision-making authority necessary for the formulation, development and implementation of a National Team program. This authority encompasses, but is not restricted to schedule planning, team and staff selection, participation requirements, discipline and criteria.

The National Team Director will work in a cooperative manner with the Steering Committee in exercising this authority. The Steering Committee shall review, comment and endorse the report of the National Team Director.

Functions of the Steering Committee: Under the direction of the National Team Director, the functions of the Steering Committee are:

Endorse selection procedures for swimmers and staff members of all National Team, Open Water Team, and National Junior Team

Endorse the USA Swimming National Team Quad Plan, developmental programs, training camps and pre Games training.

General: The Steering Committee shall be formed at the annual meeting of the House of Delegates in the year preceding the Olympic Games and the terms of the newly elected members shall commence on the day following the conclusion of the Olympic Games and end the last day of the next Olympic Games.

There shall be a maximum of ten (10) members in the Committee elected or selected as follows:

The National Team Steering Committee shall consist of:

Eight (8) coaches selected as follows;

  • Preceding Head Women’s Olympic Coach (1)
  • Preceding Head Men’s Olympic Coach (1)
  • The Head Women’s Coach for the two Long Course World Championships preceding the Olympic Games (2)
  • The Head Men’s Coach for the two Long Course World Championships preceding the Olympic Games (2)
  • Two coaches appointed by the President in consultation with the National Team Director (2)
  • Two athletes selected by the Athletes Committee, one female/one male, both former USA National Team members (2) 

Once the new Head Olympic Coaches are named, they shall become ex-officio members of the Steering Committee, if not already on the committee.

Ex-officio: the Technical Vice-President, the Chair of the Senior Development Committee, and the Chair of the Sports Medicine Committee.

The Committee may name additional ex-officio members. Any vacancies on the committee shall be filled by appointment by the President in consultation with the National Team Director. 

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