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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Welcome to the New USA

Welcome to the New USA

Welcome to the all-new Below is a guide to some of the most significant upgrades to the mobile-friendly site.

There are features we hope you will enjoy including Deck Pass integration throughout the site, personalized content, an event calendar and a new, simpler navigation for the volume of resources provided. We also have some fun features such as the design that features pool tiles, large imagery and more video. The new bookmark feature will help you mark favorite pages.

From the entire web team, please enjoy the guide below and the rest of the new!

- USA Swimming (Colorado Springs) - technology, software development and content and strategy
- Statera (Denver) - technology and software development
- Colle+McVoy (Minneapolis) - graphic design
- Code and Theory (San Francisco) - user experience

Mobile First


More than half of visitors to come from a handheld device, so the design and navigation is built for those users first to get them the most frequently-accessed content fast. 


Responsive Design


The site will detect the device accessing the site and display content to fit.

Large, vibrant images and content blocks are designed to stack and re-order for thousands of variations of laptops, tablets or phones. 




We reduced the number of main sections of the site to better focus on the most frequently-accessed content.

We have made it easier to access personalized content, times, finding a swim team and event calendars. 


Deck Pass


Deck Pass used to primarily be an app on your phone. Now, the Deck Pass experience is integrated throughout the whole site.

A new feature includes data visualizations to highlight your favorite athlete’s performance. (And the chart trending down is a good thing!)

Deck Pass can be personalized and customized by each persona. 


Coaches can instantly calculate Virtual Club Championship standings, or see times from their team and even award patches. 




Officials can access LSC and national-level certifications, as well as access membership status. 



All users have the ability to upload their own photo to further personalize the site.




A new feature is personalized content to fit your role (or persona) in the sport. The site can be personalized for the following:

-Team Leaders

Fit more than one persona? Want it all? Can’t decide? Don’t worry, all the same content is available to each persona, we just optimize the site for your primary one.

When you first login, it will use your persona from our SWIMS database. After that, you can choose which one you want for the site. 




The news section will aggregate favorites such as National Team profiles, 20 Question Tuesday, blogs, media announcements, training and event news. 




The new search function allows you to find individual times, rankings, events and power point calculators without leaving the same page.

Plus, there is still quick access to time standards and more. 





Our new calendar will highlight national and international events. We have added the “Non-Competitive Events” section to find conferences, clinics and workshops.




What used to be called “Member Resources” is now just “Resources.” Users can now find content by filtering or browsing the topics. It gives users the choice and also helps with search engines.

Users can find Safe Sport requirements, background checks, programs & services, National Team services and education materials. 


Meet the Team


We will showcase the National Team with rosters, bios, videos, profiles and more.

This section will exclusively focus on the stars of the sport, while other administration information related to the National Team Administration will move to the Resources section. 




Quickly learn more about the benefits of swimming, USA Swimming membership and the USA Swimming Foundation.

Access information about the leadership of the sport, financial documents and our corporate partners. 




Do you have a favorite item on the site? With our new bookmark feature, you can save your favorites and then access them in the top navigation after you create an account.




We have some fun, and functional, design features of the site.

There is a color coding system to track your persona and personalized content on the site and throughout Deck Pass.

Throughout the site, you will see the images of tiles in the pool make up icons for bookmarks and the navigation in the mobile site.   




We will have more video content than ever. During live events, we will add a video player to the home page so you can instantly tune-in. 


Related content


If you like what you are watching and reading, we will recommend other related content that you might enjoy. 

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