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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's Time for "Swim" Snacking

It's Time for "Swim" Snacking

Sprint towards Snacks that make you ‘Swim' -- protein based foods paired with complex carbs snacks.

Examples of Champion Swim Snacks

Bottled Water -- The human body is about 60% water. Always keep your reservoir replenished.

Low-Fat Milk -- You can’t have a strong swimmer without strong bones.

Greek Yogurt -- 10 grams of protein in a cup that will get you through the last leg of the 200 IM!

Nuts -- With about 20% protein in a 1/4 cup, any swimmer would be nuts not to snack on nuts.

Bananas & Dried Fruit -- Rich in vitamins, fiber and energy -- Mother
Nature’s gift to swimmers.

Whole-Grain Granola Bars -- Skip the sugar and dive into slow burning energy.

Carrot Dippers -- Low in sugar. High in flavor. Try pairing these with wheat pitas and hummus a couple hours before a race or practice. 

Instant Oatmeal -- An instant snack for sustained energy.

Apple Chips -- If you feel like chips, go apple, not fried  potato chips.  Note: potatoes are a really healthy source of energy, vitamin C, potassium and fiber, too, it’s just when they’re fried into chips that they can be a problem at a meet!

Tuna Packets -- Eat tuna and swim like a fish.

String Cheese -- Not many carbs. Just a long line of energy.

Fig Bars -- With almost no fat, it’s the smart swimmer’s candy bar.

Applesauce Packs -- It’s the secret sauce for swimming success.

Hardboiled Eggs -- All the protein you need to egg yourself on.

Trail Mix -- With about 15% protein in a 1/4 cup, many trail mixes put you in the lane to success. Trail mix is a great post-race option. 

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