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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Eight Teams Receive #SwimBiz Marketing Award Honors

Eight Teams Receive #SwimBiz Marketing Award Honors

At USA Swimming’s annual #SwimBiz Marketing Awards event, Waterloo Swimming, TAC TITANS, King Marlin Swim Club, Costa Mesa Aquatics Swim Club, Lakeside Aquatic Club, Georgia Swimming, Pikes Peak Athletics and TEAM Charlotte Swimming were each honored for their stand-out marketing, social media and sponsorship efforts in seven different categories. 

The swim clubs were honored with the following awards:

Best in Social Media

Waterloo Swimming was awarded Best in Social Media thanks to their strategic use of Facebook ads, boosting posts and defining their key target audience on social media. They were able to tailor their content to reach parents which resulted in growing their club.

Best in Sponsorship

TAC TITANS earned Best in Sponsorship by focusing heavily on the creation of individual partner relationships, where feedback and recommendations by sponsors fueled positive change. The club hosted several events to build those sponsor relationships such as sponsor displays at swim meets, sponsor-supported seminars for parents while their kids are at swim practice and a Sponsor Table Program. This latter program brought in 11 new clients for their sponsors, totaling more than $100,000 in gross revenue.

Best in Fundraising

Best in Fundraising was awarded to King Marlin Swim Club for their dedication to hosting a variety of unique fundraisers throughout the year. From their Swim-a-Thon, to a silent auction, to getting involved with their Booster Club to host different fundraising events, their creativity and wide array of events earned them money for their club.

Best in Multicultural Marketing

Costa Mesa Aquatics Swim Club were honored with the Multicultural Marketing award for their accomplishments in creating an inclusive environment with their marketing efforts by focusing on key demographics within their community. The club was able to create a bilingual phone line, print and digital marketing materials in Spanish and plan outings where athletes could participate in other sports in the community.

SwimToday Award

USA Swimming’s SwimToday program is meant to inspire clubs to grow participation in the sport. This year’s recipient, Lakeside Aquatic Club, truly exemplified that message. Lakeside Aquatic Club built team spirit through their LAC Carpool program, which engages parents and swimmers outside of the pool. They also created videos to show different swimming levels and experiences such as making the National Junior Team and why people volunteer at swim meets.

Marketing LSC of the Year

Georgia Swimming received this award for increasing their social media following and weekly email subscribers, bringing in over $15,000 in revenue and participation in their club’s Georgia Peach Awards. The LSC’s diversified approach to marketing displayed effective use of digital media and community engagement to show LSC growth.

Marketing Club of the Year

The Marketing Club of the Year award was presented to the clubs who showed marketing excellence in all categories. This award was broken down by team size.

  • 1-150 swimmers: Pikes Peak Athletics
  • 151-300 swimmers: TEAM Charlotte Swimming
  • 301+ swimmers: Waterloo Swimming

The fourth annual #SwimBiz marketing conference featured presentations on social media, communications, sponsorship and local promotions for teams, as well as networking opportunities.

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