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Thursday, September 27, 2018

2018 USAS Convention Presentations and Documents

2018 USAS Convention Presentations and Documents

Please check here for the presentations and materials being distributed at this year's convention. You are encouraged to download these ahead of time and save them to your own personal device to cut down on bandwidth usage onsite. Please check back frequently for updates.


LSC Development Committee - 8:00 AM

LEAP Report

Operational Risk Committee - 8:00 AM

SCA Parent Athlete Form
2018 Concussion Laws State by State
Coaches Signature Form
Coaches Education

Officials Committee - 8:00 AM

Communications Chair Report
OTS and National Subcommittee Report
Athlete Rep Report
Open Water Report
FAQ for Officials
Concussion and the Swim Official
Concussion at the Pool Checklist
Coaches Education

Senior Development Committee - 8:00 AM


Diversity and Inclusion Committee - 9:00 AM


Open Water Development Committee - 9:00 AM

USA Swim Guide Portions
2006 USA Guide Entire
British Swim Guide

General Chairs Orientation - 9:00 AM


Rules and Regulations Committee - 1:00 PM

2018 Proposed Amendments to Rules and Regulations
R-19 in Legislative Format for the Required LSC Bylaws Proposal
Meeting Minutes

Scholastic All America Sub-Committee - 2:00 PM

Notes from SAA 2018
Historical Numbers
SAA 2017-2018 Committee
2018 SAA Report

Mental Health Workshop - 2:00 PM

List of Values
Samantha Arsenault Swim Experience
Engaged Feedback
Mental Health Conversation

Disability Committee - 2:00 PM

Article 105 Pocket Guide
USAS Para Swim Motivational Standards

Club Development Committee - 3:00 PM


Times and Recognition Committee - 3:00 PM

NAG Mixed Relays Report
T&R Report

Keynote Address: Thriving in Transformational Times - 4:30 PM

Driving Change
Change Management


Using Stats to Evaluate Your LSC - 8:00 AM

Power BI Report Access with Relevant Page References

Looking Out for Our Athletes - 8:00 AM

Instead of Doing This Do That
Instead of Saying This Say That
Parent Workshop Handout
One Love One Sheeter

Coaching Female Athletes - 8:00 AM

Coaching Female Athletes

Vendor Demo for LSC Registrars - 9:00 AM


Stroke Technique with Russell Mark - 10:00 AM

Technique Evolution

Motivational Times for Success for Swimmers with Disabilities Workshop - 10:00 AM

Article 105
USAS Para Swim Motivational Standards

SWIMS Times Module Workshop - 10:00 AM

SWIMS Times Workshop

Open Water Sanction Process - 1:00 PM

Open Water Sanction Process
Open Water Meet Application

LSC Required Bylaw Proposed Changes - 1:00 PM

Required Bylaws Template
Proposed Major Changes to Required LSC Bylaws
Required LSC Bylaws FAQ
LSC Policies and Procedures from Old Bylaws
Plan to Phase in Officers of New Board Structure
Required Bylaws Task Force

Club and LSC Financial Management - 2:00 PM

Club and LSC Financial Management
LEAP 2 LSC Financial Assessment Pgm Update

LEAP Finances for LSCs - 3:00 PM

LEAP Financial Requirements


Operational Risk Educational Workshop - 8:00 AM

Hammer Head Swim Caps Overview
Possible Concussion at the Pool Checklist
Concussion Info Sheet for Parents and Swimmers

National Team High Performance Plan - 8:00 AM

2019 National Team High Performance Plan

Investment Management Best Practices - 8:00 AM

Investment Management Best Practices

Playing by Robert's Rules - 9:00 AM

Intro to Robert's Rules of Order

Bright Ideas Contest Voting - 9:00 AM

Initiatives Template

Tech Suits for Age Group Swimmers - 10:00 AM

Tech Suit Overview from AGD

Burning Issues for Officials - 10:00 AM

Officiating Myths
Social Media for Officials

Registration Workshop - 10:00 AM


Holistic Medical Care for a Swimmer - 10:00 AM

Holistic Care Presentation

Meet the Candidates - 2:15 PM

Election Guide

Indoor Air and Water Quality - 3:30 PM

FDD 2018
FDD 2018 PPt
Digital Documentation

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