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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Steps to Request Competition Category

Steps to Request Competition Category

Changing Competition Category

The following provides information on the process that USA Swimming members must go through in order to request a competition category change. 

As a transitioning athlete you may need to utilize a medication/substance that is prohibited and would require approval for use. To ensure compliance with these rules, please contact the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) at 719-785-2000.

STEP 1: Contact USA Swimming with request at:

STEP 2: USA Swimming intake process interview. This interview must be done over the phone, not over email exchange.

STEP 3: Required documentation provided to USA Swimming which includes the following:

  • Request in writing. Details of this can be found in the Request to Change Competition Category document.
  • Letter of support from a health-care professional who has treated or is treating the applicant (e.g. physician, pediatrician, psychiatrist, school counselor, psychologist)
  • Receipt of acknowledge of the Athlete Support Plan

STEP 4: Eligibility Review Panel reviews request with established criteria. If the panel does approve the request, it will be pending local and state laws.

STEP 5: Panel decision will be communicated in writing, and in person when possible, to athlete/parent/coach.

STEP 6: Administrative change initiated in SWIMS

STEP 7: Compete in new category with the following guidelines:

  • Limit: 2 changes per year
  • All eligibility rules apply for meets selection, NAG, etc.
  • Elite athletes who may qualify for high-level or international meets must also refer to the guidelines provided by USADA, WADA, FINA, and IOC, regarding drug testing, qualifications, and other rules.

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