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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Club Leadership & Business Management School (CLBMS) 201 In-Person Course

Club Leadership & Business Management School (CLBMS) 201 In-Person Course

Online pilot class

USA Swimming is offering the Club Leadership and Business Management 201 Course virtually.

The next course will be held on Saturday, September 12th starting at:
11:30 am Eastern / 10:30 am Central / 9:30 am Mountain / 8:30 am Pacific

This is a 4.5 hour course and you need to be in attendance for the full course to receive credit for attending. (note: this online course will count toward the "in person" requirement for coaches and team leaders in Level 2 of the Club Recognition Program)

Registration will remain open until 3 pm Mountain on Friday, September 11th

For questions regarding the course, please e-mail Ellery Parish –

Below is a testimony from a Team President that attended the last pilot course in May:

"Nine members of San Antonio Wave were present at the Leadership 201 presentation: all parent Directors, Head Coach and one Site Director. Our parent Board draws from a variety of careers, some have business experience while others are stay at home parents, I suppose that is fairly typical. Over the years, the Board has focused on short term issues with insufficient focus on medium and long term planning. This presentation enabled our team to gain a strategic overview of leading a swim team. It provided a framework that the team adopted straight away, two days later at the Board meeting there was a renewed common purpose and understanding.  Efficiency has improved and we have agreed on the new year budget ahead of schedule.

Could we have achieved this with self learning? Perhaps, but there were some clear advantages to allowing an external body to lead us through the process. First, all of a sudden this was not the Head Coach speaking, this was perceived best practice from around the country.  Second, having a mixed group also worked because we had the chance to interact with other coaches, Head Coaches, and Board members in a safe environment.  Ideas and perceptions could be explored without feeling judged.   I would like to think we will adopt Leadership 201 as part of our onboarding process for future Boards."

Eastern Zone

None Currently Scheduled

Southern Zone 

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Western Zone 

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Central Zone

None Currently Scheduled

Please check back for more classes & schedules in your area. If you have any question contact the Sport Development Division. Thanks

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