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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

USA Swimming October Sanctions Update

USA Swimming October Sanctions Update

Dear members, 
We continue to receive encouraging feedback from across the country regarding the safety measures being put in place at facilities and with teams, and the care and attention being given to these efforts by coaches, teams, members, and families. 
We also remain motivated to work with the Aquatics Coalition to advocate for pool openings in areas that are still struggling and thank everyone for their continued effort and hard work in getting our athletes back in the pool safely. 
Yesterday, the USA Swimming Board of Directors made the decision to allow the current geographic restrictions on meet sanctions to expire on September 30 at midnight local time. USA Swimming’s Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) will no longer be limited to the sanctioning of meets comprised only of athletes and clubs registered within their respective LSC. This means, that beginning October 1, USA Swimming athletes and teams may cross LSC boundaries to compete. 
To be clear, this is not a mandate from USA Swimming to LSCs to sanction competitions, but rather returns authority over the process to the LSCs to make informed decisions within their respective regions. It is critical that our LSCs, teams, and facilities work together to ensure safe environments in which to hold practice and competition.  For a sanction to be granted the meet plan must address all current safety requirements.

All safety precautions previously put in place will remain in full effect. Above all else, it is important to remember that all training and competition must conform to local, state, and federal public health guidelines. 
It is every individual’s responsibility to make best efforts to stay safe in order for their athletes and teams to continue practicing and competing. 

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