Aquatics Coalition

The purpose of the Aquatics Coalition is to develop direction and tools to advocate for a safe return to purpose-driven, instructional aquatics under four tenets:

  1. With seasonal temperature increases in North America, the number of people utilizing indoor and outdoor aquatics venues will surge. However, the shutdown of facilities and the slow return to operations means many of these venues will have shortages in lifeguards and safety protocols.  The need for swim lessons becomes greater than ever with an anticipated rise in utilization of unguarded spaces.
  2. Swim lessons can be safely administered with proper protective equipment and protocols.
  3. COVID-19 is not transmitted through chlorinated water.  And by paying greater attention to proper air quality measures and distancing techniques, the spread of respiratory disease can be mitigated. 
  4. The mental and physical health benefits of aquatics sports cannot be understated.  Facilitating a safe return to the water can only elevate social and fitness well-being in our communities.

Now is not the time for us to be competitive.  Rather, this diverse group of organizations is brought together to share expertise, best practices and work completed to help us safely return to instructional aquatics.

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