COVID-19 Relief Program for Teams Grant Guidelines – Round One


USA Swimming has initially pledged $1M in grants to support clubs and members impacted economically by the COVID-19 pandemic, funded by the USA Swimming Foundation.

Grant Award Amount 
Teams are eligible to be considered for a relief grant of up to $5000. Based on the number of teams impacted and the desire to maximize organizational benefit, USA Swimming may be unable to honor every eligible request for assistance. The expected average grant amount is $3000. 

Recommended Uses for Grant Funds:

  • Supplement lost anticipated revenue from hosting a USA Swimming sanctioned event in March, April or May 2020
  • Offset club operating expenses which continue despite cessation of normal club activities, not to include staff payroll expenses. 
    Note: The grant funds shall not be used to purchase equipment.

To be eligible to apply for a USA Swimming COVID-19 Relief Program Grant, a team must have:

  • Suffered demonstrable financial losses as a result of the economic effects of COVID-19;
  • Applied for local, state, and federal assistance available (e.g., Small Business Administration COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan program, Payroll Protection Program, etc.);
  • Incurred continued operating expenses, not including payroll; and 
  • Developed a comprehensive return to viability plan through use of the grant and other resources.

Grant Review Considerations
Each request will be considered individually and strongest consideration will be given to those requests which, in the collective opinion of the reviewing panel, demonstrate the most significant need. In evaluating grant requests, the reviewing panel will consider the following:

  • Whether the team provided documentation of demonstrable financial impact directly related to the economic effects of COVID-19.
  • Whether the team has exhausted its reserves.
  • Whether the grant proposal clearly and effectively presents a strong case for immediate support.
  • Whether there is an opportunity for the team to secure matching funds. In general, all requests to use grant dollars provided by USA Swimming to match funds from other sources, for example from the team’s LSC, will merit highest consideration, and documentation of such commitment should be included in the grant application. 
  • Whether the team has achieved Safe Sport Club Recognition status.  Secondary consideration will be given to those teams which have initiated achieving Safe Sport Club Recognition Status.

Additional Information

  • Prior to USA Swimming disbursing any grant funds, the team will be required to sign a letter of agreement acknowledging that the funds awarded will be utilized for the specific purpose(s) stated in the letter of agreement. Per IRS regulations, USA Swimming must also have a current W-9 form on file for any team receiving funds.


  • Applications must be received by May 8, 2020.
  • Grant award determinations will be completed by USA Swimming by May 22, 2020.
  • Grant awards are expected to be distributed by May 29, 2020.