Open Water National Championships

Open Water National Championships

May 03-05, 2019

Miami Marine Stadium

Miami, FL

Open Water


Doping Control:

This event is subject to testing under USADA and FINA rules.

ALL ATHLETES are subject to testing. 

Please note that all minors must have a representative with them.

NCAA doping control rules are different than the rules for this meet. Please be sure all of your athletes have checked their meds with USADA and have seen the attached information.

Combined event with Open Water Junior National Championships.


The hotel will be the Marriott Biscayne Bay, 1633 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33132, (305) 374-3900.  There are rooms available, but no longer at the discounted rate, at the link below.,1,inK2SISHjGuujNiq6fmZXFqApS6DUJ3y1IXVZxFiHrnTBXju7mt3G1oEallWNyPq8EsU5kAaDE2udXh23Ukz3szuRfweQ-FZtenPr9_7A1VoDZBswxLgZel92R_y&typo=1

Pool training availability

                Tuesday, April 30       5 to 7pm
                Wednesday, May 1     8-10am & 5-6pm
                Thursday, May 2        8-10am & 5-7pm
                Friday, May 3              10-12pm & 4-6pm
                Saturday, May 4         10-2pm
                Sunday, May 5            8:30-10:30am

Open Water training will be available at the event site on the days prior to the event, however it will not be a closed course as it is a public waterway until Friday, May 3rd.  This will be supervised by Marine Patrol.

Open Water training availability

                Wednesday, May 1       1 to 3pm
                Thursday, May 2          1 to 3pm