2018 USA Swimming Board of Directors – Nominees for Election

USA Swimming is pleased to announce the nominees for the Board of Directors. The nominees for election are presented by the USA Swimming Nominating Committee. 

In September of 2017, the USA Swimming House of Delegates approved a change in the job description for the organization’s Board to be more future-focused and to reduce its size. The current operations-focused board will transition to a governance-focused Board and go from 35 members to 15 as of this September. This was a result of a process initiated by the Board and the appointment of a Board Governance Task Force. 

On September 29, 2018, the House of Delegates will elect six (6) at-large Directors, at least two of whom will be “semi-independent” (individuals with a demonstrable connection to the sport, but who have not previously been members of the House of Delegates).  In addition, on September 28, the Athletes Committee will elect three (3) Athlete Directors. The Athlete elections will not be part of the House of Delegates election process. Additional athlete election information can be found here, as well as information on AEC elections and Zone elections. 

boardnominees2Biographical Statements & Videos for Nominees






Below is a brief summary of the process used to vet the candidates above: 

  • 56 completed applications were submitted for the nine seats (six at-large and three athletes). 
  • Each member of the Nominating Committee reviewed each application. The initial screening process included use of a scoring matrix and follow-up conference calls where the Committee discussed each applicant.
  • More than 30 applicants were selected to be interviewed by two Committee members. Standardized questions were used in order to compare and contrast each candidate’s responses against the others.
  • Responses and impressions from each initial interview were shared with the Committee during its weekly conference call. The Committee discussed each applicant and invited 27 candidates to participate in a second interview with two different Committee members. Different standardized questions were used to interview each candidate.
  • After further deliberations, the Committee identified the potential nominees. To complete its evaluation, a Committee member spoke with at least one reference for each individual. Those nominees who had not previously performed a background check needed to complete the process before their names could be recommended. Those individuals as well as all other nominees have successfully completed the background check.   
  • Finally, the Committee ensured that no nominee was the subject of a complaint to the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

All of the applicants possess experience, qualifications and other characteristics that would benefit USA Swimming. The Nominating Committee had extensive deliberations, using both quantitative and qualitative criteria, to fulfill its charge to present only those individuals that possess the experience, skills and attributes, and who the Committee believes are the strongest and best candidates, to meet the needs of our Board of Directors at this time.  

We encourage you to read the statements and view the video introductions that appear below. There is also information on self-nomination for the 2018 Board election. 

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, we thank you for your support of this exciting time in the future of the organization.


Clark Hammond, Nominating Committee Chair


Committee Members

Tim Bauer

Wendy Boglioli

Van Donkersgood

CJ Fiala

Charlotte Harris

Liz Kershaw

Kurt Von Moltke

Ron Van Pool