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Club Presidents NewsletterApproximately 50% of all USA Swimming clubs are owned and governed by a non-profit corporation whose board of directors are parents of swimmers on the team. Each of these 1400 clubs also has a dedicated board president whose list of official and unofficial duties is ever expanding. In an effort to provide board presidents with information and resources that can help them be more effective in that role, USA Swimming’s Club Development Division has created this monthly newsletter.

Following is a short listing of some of the information we make available to you through this newsletter:

  1. Current information, news and announcements from USA Swimming
  2. Best practices utilized by successful USA Swimming clubs
  3. Cutting-edge trends in non-profit board governance
  4. Ongoing information about USA Swimming Programs and Services
  5. Features/examples of typical Board President challenges and solutions
  6. Links to resources about pertinent subjects such as running a small business, leadership, attracting volunteers, hiring practices, insurance, developing club policies and procedures, etc.

We also want to request that you indicate specific areas of interest and need. We want this free publication to be a valuable resource for you and, therefore, we invite your suggestions, feedback and contributions.

Thank you for the time and energy that each of you devote to leading your club. You play a very critical role in the success of USA Swimming and we sincerely hope this publication will be helpful to you in that role.

Please Note: Any USA Swimming website links in the newsletter's prior to 3/31/2017 will not work because they link back to USA Swimming's old website.


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