Growing Champions for Life

We are excited to announce a special relationship with David Benzel and Growing Champions for Life, an organization dedicated to creating cohesive families and principle-centered athletes who win at life, not just sports. You will have access to inspirational videos, educational webinars, interesting articles and informative newsletters right here in our web site.

Each month you will find fresh new resources listed below. These programs are a perfect fit for our commitment to positive sport families and healthy athlete development at every level.

Positive parent video & assignment

Resolving Conflicts

Resolving Conflicts Page

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Winning Connections Newsletter

May 2018 Winning Connections Newsletter

True Hero Parent Article

5 Tips to a Better Balance Between School and Sports

Expert Interview

David Benzel, "Growing Champions for Life"

True Hero Parents Daily Message - Family Life Part 3: Communication Habits

April's Webinar Recording

"Teach Your Child the Best-Kept Secret of Self Confidence"

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"Solve the Mystery of Your Child's Motivation & Distraction Issues"

Thursday, May 17, 2018- 9pm ET, 8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT


Join us as we expose the best-kept secrets of why and how peak performers stay motivated and focused. You’ll discover how to recognize true motivation in your child and how to discuss the topic of concentration in a way that actually helps in the next competition.

  • Learn the difference between “unwilling” vs. “unable”
  • Discover a parent’s role in making concentration a “no-brainer”
  • Uncover five strategies that work better than “motivating” your child

David will connect the key life skills of the lesson with winning on the field, and in life. The Power Point materials are loaded with practical information worth saving for future reference.