LEAP (LSC Evaluation and Achievement Program)

LEAP Levels 1, 2, 3

The goal of the LSC Evaluation and Achievement Program (LEAP) is to assist LSCs in becoming more efficient and effective. The LEAP assessment tool provides a road map to LSC effectiveness and success in four key areas: 

  • Business and Organizational Success
  • Volunteer Development
  • Club and Coach Development
  • Athlete Development


  • LEAP 1 is required for each LSC and must be re-certified each quad. The intent of LEAP Level 1 is to: 
    • Help LSC’s self-evaluate. 
    • Assure that LSCs are in compliance with USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and the legal requirements of non-profit governance
    • Ensure continuity in LSC governance even as leadership changes.
  • LEAP Levels 2 and 3 are voluntary. LSCs achieving levels 2 and 3 receive a financial incentive upon completion of each level. The intent of LEAP 2 and 3 are to:
    • Recognize achievement in various programming and service efforts.  
    • LSCs are encouraged to take on programming and services that will provide enhanced services to athletes, members and volunteers. 

The LEAP process is designed to be achievement oriented and assist LSCs to improve the services they offer to athletes, coaches, volunteers and families. LEAP is completely web-based. A team of Zone Directors, LSC Development Committee members, and other interested volunteers evaluate each LEAP submission prior to certification at each level. 

To access LEAP through your LSC Portal click here.

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