National Committee Athlete Reps

On this page, you will access the online forms portal required for you to serve as an athlete representative on a USA Swimming National Committee.

If you are under 18 (when these forms are filled out), you will need a parent or guardian to co-sign some of the forms to complete them. Please follow the co-signature instructions below if you are under 18.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you, as the athlete, will be completing all required forms on your own behalf. You will need to be logged into our website with an account, and that account must also be linked to your USA Swimming Membership Record.

Follow the prompts below to create an account or log in as necessary. Note that if you can see a box to enter a "Secure Code" you are already properly logged into the website.

If you have any questions about submitting your forms, please contact Gina Mensay at 719-866-3574 or


Co-Signature instructions - MINOR ATHLETES

If the committee athlete is under 18 years of age, you, as the athlete's parent/guardian, will be completing all required forms along with the athlete. Please have your athlete read the forms with you and sign in the appropriate athlete signature blocks. Forms that require a co-signature will also have a co-signature block for the parent/guardian to sign.

Guardians need to be logged into our website with an account.  If you do not already have a user account on our website, you can create one.  This account does not need to be linked to a USA Swimming Membership Record.

Attendee Portal

Not Authorized

You are not authorized to access this Event. If you received an invitation, please verify that you're logged in. If you are an athlete 18 or older, please be sure your website account is linked to the correct membership record.