for all officials

You can view all your officiating activity, evaluations, certifications and test history from your DECK PASS DASHBOARD. You can also print your combined membership/certification card from your Deck Pass Dashboard.


Depending on your access level, you can also view the OTS Sections listed below to:

  • Search for meets and activities in your area or the entire US.
  • Submit new or renewal applications for National Officials Certification in one or more positions. You can also review and monitor the progress of previously submitted applications and edit applications you have not yet submitted.
  • LSC Officials Chairs and their designees can create meets, add officials to meets and record the sessions worked for each official.
  • Meet Referees, once designated, can also add or remove officials and record the sessions worked.
  • For OQMs, evaluators can enter evaluations directly into the system which will generate an email to the official.
  • LSC Officials Chairs can also generate reports of their officials in several formats using a large number of selection criteria.

If you have a problem accessing any of the links, it might be that you have not renewed your USA Swimming membership (required annually) or have not completed the necessary Background Check or Athlete Protection Course  OTS is designed for access by current Officials members only. If you have a problem you cannot resolve, have trouble logging in or navigating OTS, email Gina Mensay at National Headquarters.

OTS Sections


For all Officials - you must be logged in to your account as an official to access the OTS sections below.


For Officials Chairs and LSC Admins - you must have the additional access role(s) required to access these OTS sections.