The Recruitment, Retention and Reciprocity (3R’s) Task Group of the USA-S Officials Committee has developed a set of resources to help promote the “profession” of swim officiating. As you navigate through these resources, please keep in mind that all of these ideas require you to take action. Recruiting, retaining, and reciprocating are action verbs. You must pass GO to win this contest with attrition and apathy. Reading the material doesn’t do the job. Pick those hints and resources that you feel will work for your LSC and put them into action. GO! GO! GO! 
Every USA Swimming official is an ambassador, good or bad, for the sport. Good ambassadors embrace the principles of teamwork and inclusion when it comes to swim officials. These resources use those principles to support efforts to grow the population of swim officials.
All of these resources have come from officials around the country who have used them to enhance their officials’ programs. We are always looking for new ideas to help with our efforts. If you have an idea, process or document that has helped recruit or retain officials, we’d love to hear about it. Just send a note to the staff liaison, Gina Mensay.
We hope the materials in this section will prove to be helpful as you work to strengthen your LSC.

Resources for Recruitment, Retention and Reciprocity

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