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Find the webinars & presentations from past years of #SwimBiz here.  These materials are helpful for all swim clubs from getting started to looking to improve relations, marketing and more.

SwimBiz Video Collection

#SwimBiz Pros: All I Need to Know About Business I Learned From Swimming
21:05MAR 21, 2018
#SwimBiz: The Evolution of Social Media with Elizabeth Beisel
15:17MAR 7, 2018
#SwimBiz: Marci Callan, Creating Ways to Encourage Growth in a non-Olympic Year
27:40FEB 21, 2018
#SwimBiz: How a Swim Team Sold Naming Rights to Their Club
13:35FEB 7, 2018
#SwimBiz: Susan Teeter, Would You Like to Invest in Me?
16:26JAN 31, 2018
#SwimBiz: The Ink Panther - Geting Sponsors to Sign on the Dotted Line
19:59NOV 29, 2017
#SwimBiz: 10 Benefits of LinkedIn, Geri Woessner
15:33NOV 2, 2017
#SwimBiz: The 411 on Sponsorship, Ellen Lucey
24:42OCT 19, 2017
#SwimBiz: Building a Killer Brand, John Mybeck
24:29OCT 5, 2017
#SwimBiz: Mind Games: How Parents Find Swim Teams for Their Kids Online
18:29AUG 24, 2017
#SwimBiz: Steve Raquel: Swim Inside the Lane Lines, Think Outside of It
24:51AUG 15, 2017
#SwimBiz: Insta(nt) Gratification: Video, Images & Posts That Get You Noticed on Instagram
18:36JUL 19, 2017
#SwimBiz: Oh Snap: Intro to the Fastest Growing Network for Teens
17:15JUL 5, 2017
#SwimBiz: Does Every Like Matter: Understanding and Improving Social Media Marketing
21:22JUN 21, 2017
#SwimBiz: Blow Up the Box: Unconventional, Low-Cost Marketing Tactics to Use Locally
23:31MAY 31, 2017
#SwimBiz Pros: Marshall Osborne of Uber
10:58MAY 22, 2017

Presentations & Resources

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