Freestyle Recovery: Swing Forward, Relaxed and Wide
The freestyle arm recovery is the most visually recognizable motion in swimming, and is therefore one of the aspects that is most often coached. A good recovery is important because it largely determines where your hands enter the water and provides incredible support for the motion of the arm that is pulling underwater.
Mike's Mailbag: Your Next Shot
Every Monday I answer questions from swimmers around the country. If you have a question, please email me at
Catching Up with Ian Crocker
There’s no denying Ian Crocker had incredible passion for swimming when he was competing. Crocker enjoyed a long, successful career spanning more than a decade, but when he knew it was time to retire in 2012, he made the decision with little hesitation.
20 Question Tuesday: Elizabeth Beisel
Don’t look now, but Elizabeth Beisel’s career is entering hallowed territory as the talented University of Florida star and Olympic medalist focuses on 2016. She is almost excited beyond words to have signed as a professional with Speedo, and she has a lot of other things on her mind, as she explains in this week’s 20 Question Tuesday.
It’s the night before a big meet, and the team is getting together for a pre-competition meal. Should you go out to a restaurant, or stay in? If you’ve got a willing parent and a venue, I say cook! Not only will there be money saved, and greater control over the food ingredients, your team may even achieve a higher level of camaraderie.