Quick Heels in Breaststroke
Being able to effectively move your heels quickly from streamline to the position where you set your kick is one the elements that separates great breaststrokers from good ones.
Mike's Mailbag: Dealing with Unkind Teammates
I am a senior swimmer and have been struggling to continue wanting to swim because of unkind teammates. Can you give me any advice?
Abbey Weitzeil: Proof in the Pool
In many ways, the arrival of Coach Coley Stickels at Canyons Aquatic Club helped transform Abbey Weitzeil from an average freestyle sprinter to one of the world’s best.
Chuck Wielgus wins Prestigious Leadership Award
Chuck Wielgus, Executive Director of USA Swimming, was formally recognized as “the best of the best” last night when he was presented with the Association of Chief Executives for Sport’s (ACES) first-ever Chief Executive Leadership Award.
Club Excellence Spotlight: Gator Swim Club
Gator Swim Club in Gainesville, Fla. has been a national swimming powerhouse for many years, with an impressive list of alumni.