The Case for Connor
Connor Jaeger deserves the Golden Goggle Male Athlete of the Year Award, though he may not win. He certainly deserves the Race of the Year Award for his performance in the 1500 freestyle, because what he did was truly special.
20 Question Tuesday: Jessica Hardy
Jessica Hardy is a racer. Count gold among her Olympic medal, and add to that 13 other International gold medals among her total of 28. The Club Trojan is also a decorated breaststroker, and she’s pushing hard toward 2016, as she explains in this week’s 20 Question Tuesday.
President's Message: September 2014
Mike's Mailbag: Lessons I Learned from Losing
Believe it or not, when your kid finishes last he or she might actually learn something about themselves that you can’t teach or read in a book.
Golden Goggles at a Glance: Breakout Performer
Each Monday during the lead-up to the Nov. 24 USA Swimming Golden Goggle Awards in New York, we'll take a look at the nominees in one of the eight award categories.
Avoiding Neural Burnout
Neural Burnout is an expression which brings the two ways we think about fatigue into one phrase. Neural refers to the brain and the central nervous system; and Burnout, a scary word in endurance sports, refers to acute muscular fatigue. Neural Burnout is the reconciliation of the brain and the body as being two parts of a large system that work together and affect each other.