Lochte to Swim the 400m IM after Crazy Trip to Omaha
This, and other musings from the first day of press conferences at the 2016 Olympic Team Trials -- Swimming.
Welcome to the Big O Show
For the past few months, most of Omaha has been buzzing in anticipation of the 2016 Olympic Trials back in town for the third consecutive Olympic quadrennial.
Swimmer’s Ear 101: What You Should Know (Sponsored)
This article is sponsored advertising content by Alcon. Now that it’s summer, you’re spending more and more time in the water – going to pool parties, while on vacation, or even spending a day at the beach with family or friends.
Five More to Watch in Omaha
Every year, there are several U.S. swimmers who have the meets of their lives to make their first Olympic team. Next week in Omaha will most likely be no exception.
Phelps: Process is Part of Legacy
Michael Phelps wanted swimming to be over in 2012 after London. However, not knowing what was “next,” left him adrift in terms of direction.