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Career Highlights

Four-time Olympian owns 12 career Olympic medals ... Won gold in the 800m free relay at the 2016 Olympic Games ... Qualified for fourth Olympic Games appearance at 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials with a runner-up finish in the 200m IM and fourth in the 200m free ... Won gold in the 200m IM and 400m medley relay and silver in the 800m free relay at the 2015 FINA World Championships ... Won a Team USA-best
eight medals (1 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze) at the 2014 FINA Short Course World Championships in Doha, Qatar … Won gold as part of the 800m free relay team and silver 100m fly at 2014 Pan Pacs ... Won the 200m IM, was second in the 100m free and third in the 200m back at 2014 Phillips 66 Nationals to earn a trip to Pan Pacs … Named the 2013 FINA Male Athlete of the Year for Swimming ... Won three gold medals at the 2013 FINA World Championships - 200m IM, 200m back and 800m free relay ... Won his third straight world title in the 200m IM ... Also took silver in the 400m free relay ... Qualified for the 2013 FINA World Championships with wins in the 200m free, 200m back and 200m IM and a second-place finish in the 100m fly at Phillips 66 Nationals ... Claimed seven medals (5g, 1s, 1b) at the 2012 FINA SCM World Championships in Istanbul ... Won gold in the 400m IM, setting a best time of 4:05.18; won gold in the 800m free relay, took silver in both the 400m free relay and the 200 IM and snagged bronze in the 200m back at the 2012 Olympic Games in London ... Qualified for the 2012 Olympic team by finishing first in the 200m back and the 400m IM, and second in the 200m IM and 200m free ... Won five gold medals at 2011 FINA World Championsihps (800m FR-R; 200m FR; 200m BK; 400m IM; 200m IM (WR)) and became first swimmer to set a world record since the banning of polyurethane suits ... Finished third in the 100m back at the 2011 ConocoPhillips National Championships ... Six-time gold medal-winner at the 2010 FINA Short Course World Championships (100m IM, 200m free-relay, 200m back, 400m IM (WR), 4x100m med-relay, 200m IM (WR)), breaking the all-time SC Worlds medal record ... Set eight American records ... Was named best male swimmer of the championships ... Six-time gold medal-winner at the 2010 MOO Pan Pacific Championships including the 200m free, 200m and 400m IM, 200m back, and 400 and 800m free relays … 2010 National Champion in the 200m back, 200m IM and 400m IM … 4-time gold medalist at the 2009 FINA World Championships in the 200m IM (WR), 4x200 freestyle-relay (WR), 4x100m freestyle relay and 400m IM … Double gold medalist at the 2008 Olympic Games in the 200m back (WR) and 800m free-relay (WR); also claimed two bronze medals in the 200m IM and 400m IM ... Set three world records at the 2008 FINA Short Course World Championships ... Set his first individual long-course world record winning gold in the 200m back at the 2007 FINA World Championships ... Also set a world record as part of the men's 800m free-relay team ... Won gold swimming on the American record-breaking 800m free-relay and silver in the 200m IM at the 2004 Olympic Games … At the 2006 Short Course World Championships, captured six medals – three gold – and setting three world records … Triple medalist at the 2005 World Championships

Olympics History

2016: Gold, 800m FR-R; 5th, 200m IM ... 2012: Gold, 400m IM; Gold, 800 FR-R; Silver, 200m IM; Silver, 400m FR-R; Bronze, 200m Bk; 4th, 200m FR ... 2008: Gold, 800m FR-R (WR); Gold, 200m BK (WR); Bronze, 200m IM; Bronze, 400m IM ... 2004: Gold, 800m FR-R (AR); Silver, 200m IM

World Champs History

2015: Gold, 400m MR; Gold, 200m IM; Silver, 800m FR-R; 4th, 200m FR ... 2013: Gold, 200m IM; Gold, 200m BK; Gold, 800m FR-R; Silver, 400m FR-R; 4th, 200m FR; 6th, 100m FL ... 2011: Gold, 200m FR; Gold, 200m BK; Gold, 200m IM; Gold, 400m IM; Gold, 800m FR-R; Bronze (pr) 400m FR-R ... 2009: Gold, 200m IM (WR); Gold, 800m FR-R (WR); Gold, 400m FR-R; Gold, 400m IM; Bronze, 200m BK ... 2007: Gold, 200m BK(WR)/800m FR-R(WR); Silver, 100m BK & 200m/400m IM ... 2005: Gold, 800m FR-R(AR); Bronze, 200m BK & 200m IM; 5th, 400m IM

World Champs History

Has swum in the past 5 World Championships.

Pan Pacs History

2014: 5th 200m FR; Gold, 800m FR-R, Silver, 100m FL; 9th, 200m IM...2010: Gold, 200m FR; Gold, 400m IM; Gold, 200m IM; Gold, 200m BK; Gold, 800m FR-R; Gold, 400m FR-R ... 2006: Gold, 800m FR-R(AR); Silver, 100m BK & 200m IM

SC Worlds History

2014: Gold, 800m FR-R; Silver, 200m IM; Silver, 200m FR-R; Bronze, 200m FR; Bronze, 400m FR-R; Bronze, 100m IM; Silver, 200m BK; Silver, 400m MR; 7th, 100m FL ... 2012: Gold, 100m IM, 800m FR-R, 200m IM (WR), 400m FR-R, 200m FR; Silver, 200m BK; Bronze, 100m FL ... 2010: Gold, 200m FR, 200m BK, 100m IM, 200m IM, 400m IM, 400 MR; Silver, 800m FR-R ... 2008: 6 medals--4 Gold, 2 Silver--3 WRs ... Gold: 100m IM (WR), 200m IM (WR's) , 400m IM & 400m FR-R; Silver: 200m BK (WR) & 400m MR ... 2006: 6 medals–3 Gold–3 WR's ... Gold: 200m BK & 200m IM & 400m IM; Silver, 400m MR; Bronze, 400m & 800m FR-R ... 2004: Gold, 800m FR-R; Silver, 200m IM; Bronze, 200m FR

Duel in the Pool History

2011: 1st, 200m BK; 1st, 200m IM; 1st, 400m IM ... 2005: Silver, 100m BK/200m IM

Olympic Trials History

2016: 2nd, 200m IM; 3rd, 400m IM; 4th, 200m FR ... 2012: 1st, 200m BK; 1st, 400m IM; 2nd, 200m IM; 2nd, 200m FR; 3rd, 100m FL ... 2008: 2nd, 200m IM; 2nd, 400m IM; 2nd, 200m BK; 3rd, 100m BK ... 2004: 2nd, 200m IM; 4th, 400m IM; 4th, 200m FR

U.S. Nationals History

2014: 2nd, 100m FR; 1st, 200m IM; 3rd, 200m BK; 5th, 100m FL ... 2013: 4th, 100m FR; 1st, 200m BK; 1st, 200m FR; 2nd, 100m FL; 1st, 200m IM


Current world and American record holder in the 200m IM. He is also the current American record holder in the 200y back and 200y IM.


2013 FINA Male Athlete of the Year for Swimming


4x Olympian

Fun Facts

High School

Spruce Creek H.S. '02


University of Florida '06

College Major

Sport Management

Future Professional Aspirations

Designing my own clothing line


Steve and Ileana … father is a swim coach, and mother is a day care director


Two older sisters (Kristin and Megan) … two younger brothers (Devon and Brandon)

Started Swimming

His swimming career began under the coaching of his parents in Rochester, N.Y.

Sports Played Before Swimming

Soccer, lacrosse, basketball


Three dogs (Tike, Zues and Spidy) … Tike and Zeus are Rottweilers, and Spidy is a mixed chow

Hobbies Outside the Pool

Playing basketball, skateboarding, surfing

Ultimate Way to Relax


Most Influential Person

Father … “He’s always been there for me.”

Training Stats

Swims 16k a day ... 5 hours a day ... 2 workouts a day, 7 days a week


Father was his coach at the Daytona Beach Swim Club


U.S. city: Daytona Beach, Fla. ... int'l destination: Rome ... musician: Lil Wayne ... summer activity: beach volleyball ... tv: The Simpsons

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