Governance & LSCs


USA Swimming is divided into 59 regional governing bodies called Local Swimming Committees. These LSCs are responsible for governing competitive swimming in their respective areas.


To find the websites of any of the LSCs, click on LSC Portals.

Membership Demographics

2016 Membership Demographics   

LSC Performance Reports

USA Swimming’s Club Development Division compiled the following reports for LSCs. The reports provide data about LSC performance in IMX, VCC and Time Standard Achievement.


Please note that these reports are in PDF format and are best read on the computer screen. Because of the large amount of data, when printed the text may be very small.


Report Menu

Athlete Registration, Club Count, and Average Number of Athletes - This report lists the number of athletes, clubs and average number of athletes per club in each LSC over the past 3 registration years. One use of this report would be to identify similar sized LSCs in looking at the performance reports.

IMX Swimmer Count – Page one of this report shows the percentage of athletes in the LSC that have achieved an IMX Score in each of the past 5 short and long course seasons. It also compares the LSC percentage to the National Average. The remaining pages break down each LSC’s total percentage into a percentage by age group. 
Clubs in VCC Rankings – This report lists the number of clubs in various performance levels of the Virtual Club Championship over the past three short and long course seasons. 

Time Standard Achievement – This report lists the number of athletes that have achieved certain time standards (Olympic Trials through National B) during the 2010-11 Short Course and 2011 Long Course Season. It presents data as raw numbers as well as a percentage of the number of athletes in the particular age category.

  • Pages 1-4 list data for all 18 & under Athletes
  • Pages 5-8 list data for 13-18 year old Athletes
  • Pages 9-12 list data for 15-18 year old Athletes
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