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9/29/2014  Avoiding Neural Burnout
Neural Burnout is an expression which brings the two ways we think about fatigue into one phrase. Neural refers to the brain and the central nervous system; and Burnout, a scary word in endurance sports, refers to acute muscular fatigue. Neural Burnout is the reconciliation of the brain and the body as being two parts of a large system that work together and affect each other.

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9/26/2014  Cammile Adams: Making Waves
Cammile Adams has a relatively simple bucket list – and making the Olympic team two years ago knocked off a big one. Competing in London fulfilled a childhood dream, and coming from a swimming family with a dad who was a competitive swimmer and is a now a coach, and a twin sister (Ashley) who also swims, making the team was a dream come true for the rest of the family as well.

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