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Club Portal Reports

Found at: Member Resources / SwimClubs / Club Portal Search

Note: Club Portal administrative area requires a password that was previously sent to all Head Coaches. If you can’t find your password please have the Head Coach request it at:


Administrative/Demographic Reports (“dry side”)

  • Membership Trends Report for: Club, LSC, or National. Demographic report that shows last nine season’s membership information such as number of year-round athletes, retention, age group breakdown, number of years with club, etc…
  • Club Athlete Roster. Complete alphabetical athlete roster listing-includes athletes who have transferred to team and when they attach to the team.
  • Club Non-Athlete Membership Status. Listing of all non-athlete members (coach and officials) that includes expiration dates for safety and athlete protection training items.

IMX Reports (IMXtreme program)

  • Club IMX/IMR Swim Time Report. List of IMX or IMR events for every swimmer on the team-will show IMX/IMR score or can show events that are missing.
  • Club IMX Statistics by Age Group. Club report that shows the number of swimmers in each age group who have an IMX or IMR score over the past six swim years. Also computes a percentage of the team’s swimmers in an age that have an IMX/IMR score.
  • Club IMX Certificates. Print IMX/IMR participation certificates.

Performance Reports (“wet side”)

  • Splashes by Event Report (can also be run for LSC, Zone and National). This report shows the total number of splashes swum for the team age group/gender/course/event over the past seven swim years. This could be very helpful in looking at the events that are actually being swum by the team.
  • Club Virtual Club Championship (VCC) Statistics by Age Group Report. Shows the total number of points scored by gender/age/event of the past four SC and LC VCC seasons.   
  • Time Standard Achievement Report (can also be run for LSC, Zone and National). Shows a break-down of time standards achieved for the club during the past seven swim years (gender/course). Also breaks down the percentage of swimmers on the club who have achieved the standards and shows national averages for the past two completed seasons.
    • Top Times Report (can also be run for LSC, Zone and National). Create a top times report showing the top 10, 20, 25, 50 or 100 times by age group and event. Can run for an individual season or all times in the SWIMS database. Can also be run for relays. (Currently the report only shows USA Swimming "A" times or better)



    Looking for a Club in a certain area?

    If you are looking for a location based search, check out USA Swimming's Find-A Club-Tool which will show clubs on a map so you can see which clubs are near you. You will also be able to see which clubs are also Make A Splash partners as well as request a call back from the club about joining.
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