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**New for 2017: Changes to the Catch The Spirit Camp are currently being developed and will be announced mid-December.**


USA Swimming provides educational and motivational materials to run camps in the Local Swim Committee (LSC). Four levels have been developed in the LSC “Catch the Spirit” Camps. Each “Catch the Spirit” Camp is designed as a combination of education sessions, social opportunities and water activities. Each level targets key elements of development through which young swimmers are progressing.

Level I – is designed for novice level swimmers.  The focus of this level includes basic topics such as sportsmanship, stroke skills and simple training technology.


Level II – addresses the needs of beginning competitive swimmers.  You might choose to include topics of interest such as nutrition, starts, turns and finishes as well as more advanced training terminology.


Level III – creates a learning environment for more advanced competitors to focus on such things as goal setting, visualization, relaxation and racing strategies as well as leadership.


Level IV –is designed to help motivate and retain advanced swimmers who are ready to step up to regional and/or national events.  This camp addresses such topics as injury prevention, college preparation, banned substance education, etc.


To find out about "Catch the Spirit" Camps in your LSC, contact your General Chair, LSC Office or USA Swimming. Every Local Swim Committee (LSC) can run up to four "Catch the Spirit" Camps per year. All materials are provided by USA Swimming. If you do not already have camps, encourage your LSC to participate and catch the spirit!


Questions? Contact your LSC Office, LSC General Chair, LSC Camp Coordinator, or USA Swimming (719) 866-4578.

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