Online Coach Clinics

USA Swimming and American Swim Coaches Association present the Online Clinic Series. The OCS is a way for coaches to supplement existing education opportunities and hear from a range of speakers throughout the year. If you cannot attend the webinar live, we will always post a recording for you to view at your leisure after the clinic.



Upcoming Clinic Schedule

Clinic will start at Noon Eastern/11am Central/10am Mountain/9am Pacific 


Date  Topic  Speaker

How to Help Your Swimmer Find the Perfect College

Club coaches can help make the college selection process easier by helping negotiate between college, parent and athlete. Learn a few tips and tricks to help swimmers go from 50 schools to 15 schools to 5 trips to 1 final decision. 


Alexis Keto, Head Coach, Colorado Athletic Club

Diversity & Inclusion Series!

The Buffalo City Swim Racers offers a fun, physical activity for
school-age children that bring teammates together through afterschool activities designed to improve personal development. Through community partnerships the BCSR program seeks to impact families in and around Buffalo, NY.

Mike Switalski, Executive Director, Buffalo City Swim Racers


All clinics typically last approximately 45-60 minutes with 10-15 minutes of question & answer with the presenter.


Registration for each clinic will be made available two to three weeks before the clinic date.  You must pre-register in order to participate as there are a limited number of spaces available in each clinic.


If you are not able to attend the clinic at the scheduled time, we will have a web recording of the clinic available 3-4 days after the clinic for you to view. 


Online Clinic Frequently Asked Questions 

Registration Instructions

With a limited number of participants for each clinic, we require advance registration.  We encourage you to register as soon as possible to reserve your slot. 


Please follow the instructions below on how to register to participate in the next USA Swimming Online Clinic.

  1. To register, click the “REGISTER FOR CLINIC” button below.  You will be redirected outside of our site to register. You will be creating an account with Adobe Connect.
  2. At the registration screen, enter in your information and click submit.  Be sure to note the email address you used and password you created as you will need this to login to the clinic on the event day.
  3. You will be taken to a confirmation screen and will also receive a confirmation email. Your confirmation email will contain a link to login to the clinic on event day with the credentials you established during registration.  The login link will also be available on this webpage the day of the clinic.


Click here to register for the webinar, How to Help Your Swimmer Find the Perfect College w/ Alexis Keto, Head Coach, Colorado Athletic Club on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 10am Mountain Time.


Club Excellence Wisdom Wednesdays' Recordings & Slides

This new Webinar series will feature USA Swimming's Gold Level Club Excellence teams as they share their favorite workouts and drills.


 Date Club Slides Recording
 July 3, 2013 Lakeside Seahawks Slides Recording
 August 28
The Bolles School Sharks
Slides Recording
 October 9
Nitro Swimming
Slides Recording
 October 23
SwimMAC Carolina
Slides Recording
 October 30
Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics
Slides Recording
 November 13
North Baltimore Aquatic Club
Slides Recording
 December 4
Mission Viejo Nadadores
Slides Recording
 March 5, 2014
Nashville Aquatic Club Slides Recording
 June 18
Sarasota YMCA Sharks Slides Recording
 July 2
Lakeside Seahawks
Slides Recording
 October 1
SwimMAC Carolina Slides
 November 5
The Woodlands Swim Team
Slides Recording
 December 3
Dynamo Swim Club
Slides Recording
 January 21, 2015
Nation's Capital Swim Club
Slides Recording
 March 11
SwimAtlanta Slides Recording


Women in Coaching Series

This new Webinar series will feature USA Swimming women coaches as they share their experiences in the swimming world. Topics will range from overcoming problems encountered, recurring trends on deck and any experiences that can help to improve the future of women coaching.


 Date Speaker Slides Recording
February 25, 2015 Sarah Holman- SwimMAC Carolina Slides Recording


Prior Clinic Recordings & Slides

 Date Topic  Slides  Recording 
 June 30, 2010 Nutrition Slides  N/A
 July 14 Race Stats  Slides   Recording
 August 25 Season Planning  Slides   Recording
 September 29 Planning Parent Education Slides  Recording
 October 6 VVMOST & Monthly Reporting  Slides  Recording
 October 20 Management Tools  Slides Recording 
 November 3 Teaching Life Lessons


 November 17    Developmental Training Slides Recording
 December 1    Developing Aerobic Improvements Slides Recording
 December 15 Racing and Race Preparation Slides  N/A
 January 12, 2011 Hiring, Training & Retaining  Slides  N/A
 February 9     Habits of Highly Successful Coaches  Slides N/A
 February 28 How to Be A Great Stroke Teacher  Slides  Recording 
 March 9 How to Study Your Swimmers in a Race  Slides  Recording 
 March 23 Working with Swimming Parents  Slides  Recording 
 April 6 Running an Effective Practice with a Large, Diverse Group  Slides  Recording 
 April 20 Talking to Athletes at a Swim Meet  Slides  Recording 
 May 11 Key Skills & Drills for Age Group Coaches Slides  Recording 
 May 25 Preparing Young Athletes for a World Class Career & Life  Slides  Recording 
 June 1 Developing Athlete's Character on Your Swim Team    Slides  Recording 
 June 8 Coaching Swimmers with a Disability  Slides  Recording 
 June 22 Talking to Swim Parents about their Children  Slides  Recording 
 July 6 Working with Tough Parents: Four Case Studies  Slides  Recording 
 July 20 Educating & Training Your Coaching Staff  Slides  Recording 
 August 3 Division III as a College Choice  Slides     Recording 
 August 10 Tips on Sponsorship Success for Your Club Slides  Recording 
 August 17 The Interview Process  Slides  Recording 
 August 24  Manage the Business of Swimming Better  Slides  Recording 
 September 12 Preparation of a High School Athlete for Collegiate Sprinting  Slides  Recording 
 September 28 Ethical Questions in Coaching  Slides  Recording 
 November 16 Connecting to American Swimming Team (partial recording)  Slides  Recording 
 December 14 Increasing Capacity Training for Young Athletes Slides  Recording 
 January 25, 2012 Recovery Nutrition: Is there more than just chocolate milk? Slides  Recording 
 February 22 Training for Capacity versus Utilization - Bob Bowman  Slides  Recording 
 March 14     Part 1 Managing Energy and Part 2 Confidence- Jim Bauman



April 12 Dolphin Kicking - Russell Mark  Slides Recording  
May 23  Freestyle and Backstroke Turns - Guy Edson Slides Recording 
June 13  Laps to London: Post-Workout Recovery- Nick Folker  Slides  Recording 
June 18  Team Unify - Swim Today Webinar  N/A Recording
July 17  Promote Your Club through LivingSocial          Slides          Recording 
July 18  Know This First. Do This First... - John Leonard  Slides  Recording 
August 22  Age Group Season Planning - Dale Porter  Slides  Recording 
September 26  I.M. Training- Scott Colby Slides Recording 
October 10             Dryland Training- Scott Shea  Slides  Recording 
October 24  Games, Gimmicks, and Challenges for Swimming Coaches  Slides Recording 
November 14     Freestyle & Backstroke Rotation- Russell Mark  Slides Recording 
November 28 Kicking As Part of Training  Slides Recording
December 6 Race Analysis With Your Cell Phone or Stopwatch 



December 17 Safe Sport: Anti-Bullying Policies and Electronic Communication  Slides Recording 
January 9, 2013  Breaststroke - Shawn Smith  Slides  Recording 
January 23 Dryland Programming for the Club Swimmer - Keenan Robinson  Slides  Recording 
February 6 Dave Denniston - Coaching Boys & Girls with Disabilities  Slides Recording 
February 20 Russell Mark - Backstroke Technique Slides  Recording 
March 6  Mike Koleber - The Business of Swimming Slides Recording
March 13 Open Water Swimming Training - Jack Fabian/Bryce Elser Slides Recording
April 10 Deck Pass - Jim Fox Slides Recording
April 24 A Guide to Shoulder Injury Prevention - Dr. G. John Mullen Slides



May 15 Key Skills and Drills 2.0 Slides Recording
May 22 Butterfly Technique - Russel Mark  Slides Recording
June 12 Tough Love Marketing- Matt Farrell Slides


June 25 How to B.E.A.T. Bullying- Laurie Gray & Heather Case


July 24 The Student-Athlete Balance- Rachel Stratton-Mills Slides Recording
September 18 Freestyle Variations- Part 1: Arm Stroke- Russell Mark
Slides Recording
September 25 Principles of Effective Coaching- Mark Hesse
Slides Recording
October 2 Parent, Coach & Athlete: A Unified Approach to Competition and Training- Ben Bartell
Slides Recording
October 16 Peer-Peer Abuse Prevention- Sarah Pharr
Slides Recording
November 6 What's New with Deck Pass?- Wendy Peel
Slides Recording
November 20 Teaching Swimmers the Process- Sue Chen
Slides Recording
December 18 Identifying Risk Areas & Responding to Boundary Violations- Sarah Pharr
Slides Recording
January 8, 2014
What is Success for an Age Group Program- Bill Christensen
Slides Recording
January 15 Growth as a Coach- Kyle Schack
Slides Recording
January 29 Building a Team for Long Term Success - Paul Silver Slides Recording
February 19 New Insurance Program For Clubs- George Ward
Slides Recording
March 12 Freestyle Variations: Part II The Foundations  Slides  Recording
April 9

Swim-A-Thon & Online Fundraising

Slides Recording
April 16 Growing an Age Group Program- MC Thomas
Slides Recording
April 23
Athletes & Eating Disorders- Kate Bennett
Slides Recording
May 21 10 Strategic 'Must Make' Decisions- Rick Shipherd
May 28 Sports Massage- Kathy Flippin
Slides Recording
June 4

Breaststroke- w/ Russell Mark (audio difficulties in beginning videos, but resolved after Videos 1&2)


Slides Recording
June 25 Developing Power Thru Resistance Training- Blaine Carlson
July 30 Keeping Athletes Fast, Safe & Healthy- Dan McCarthy
Slides Recording
August 13 Built With Chocolate Milk- Nancy Clark
Slides Recording
October 8 Transforming the Way We Coach- Pete Thompson
Slides Recording
October 15 Building Your Brand Through Social Media- Kimi Davidson
Slides Recording
October 29 Screening Swimmers for Injuries- Dr. G John Mullen
Slides Recording
December 10 Shallow Water Blackout- Bob Bowman
Slides Recording
January 14, 2015

Safe Sport 2.0: Turning the Corner into Healthy Team Culture- USA-S Safe Sport Staff & Dr. Roch King


Slides Recording
January 20 Sanction Appeal Process- Brandon Drawz & Pat Hogan
Slides Recording
January 28 Making Test Sets Meaningful- Mike Murray Slides Recording
February 4 Using Statistics for Club Success- Nate Knopf
Slides Recording
February 11 Colds, the flu & other illnesses- Dr. Ken Haller
Slides (unavailable)
March 4 Starts and Turns- Russell Mark
Slides Recording
March 18 The Development & Implementation of a Positive Psychology Curriculum for Age Group Swimmers- Pete Thompson
Slides Recording
March 25 Developing Backstroke Rotation in Age Group Swimmers... Plus some- Dale Porter Slides Recording

Clinic Recordings Organized by Topic

Pre-Team Spotlight Recordings & Slides

This Webinar series features USA Swimming clubs as they share their strategies for creating a successful pre-team or novice program. These teams provide great examples of various ways to implement and develop a bridge program to introduce young swimmers to competitive swimming.



Club Slides Recording
February 26, 2014
Academy Bullets Swim Club Slides Recording
March 26, 2014 Somerset Valley YMCA
Slides Recording
May 7, 2014 Nitro Swimming
Slides Recording
July 16, 2014 Sierra Marlins Swim Team
Slides Recording
August 27, 2014 City of Midland Swim Team
Slides Recording
September 24, 2014 The FISH
Slides Recording

Viewing the Clinic Using Adobe Connect

For the online clinics, we will use a web conferencing system called Adobe Connect. This software allows you to see the materials the clinician is presenting (power-point slides, video, etc.), hear the presenter through your computer speakers, and ask questions via a chat feature.  


Normally,  you will hear the presenter through your computer speakers. If you can't, there will be an option to call-in through a number that you will get when you log in.


If you have never participated in an Online Clinic, you do not need anything special.  All you need is a web browser that uses Flash (98% of all computers have this) and a high speed internet connection.


Below are a few resources, if you are looking for more information on using Adobe Connect.

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