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Survival Guide
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Survival Guide

From swim tips to our swim meet survival guide, we've got the answers you're looking for.
Discover the fun of being a new member.

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"You're nervous, and you don't know what to do. But after you will think, 'Why was I so nervous?
That was awesome!'"

"Be sure and drink some OJ after."

"At the end of the race, never glide into the touch pad. Finish hard."

"Have fun, swim fast, keep your head down on your start and hit the pad hard."

"Take extra water, an extra towel, extra goggles, food, peanut butter, bananas, pasta, bagels, power bars, fruit and remember it’s supposed to be fun."

"Check your goggles. Always have an extra pair of goggles and swimwear."

"Write your event number, heat number and lane number on your arm."

"It’s your first race ever, no pressure. It’s not life or death."

"Don't go to the bathroom without asking your coach! You may miss your event."

"Enjoy time with your teammates and get excited about your swims."

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Perfect Your Stroke and Improve Your Times

Learn how you can be a better swimmer in our “Tips and Training” section of

  Training and Technique – Drills, tips and other exercises designed to help you swim faster.

  Strength and Conditioning – Get stronger with dryland training.

  Nutrition Center – Fuel yourself for training and competition.

  Injury Prevention – Learn how to stay healthy.
As a member of USA Swimming, you’re part of America’s Swim Team, a tight-knit group of strong, competitive, and occasionally quirky folks who are more at home in the water than on land.
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We’ve gathered information from all over to help you with the basics of membership and
competition. Start here, but also be sure to explore the Swimmers section of “Member Resources.”
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