Joe B.'s Deck Pass

Club & Membership Info

      Non-Athlete Coach Membership CardNon-Athlete Coach Membership Card
      Registration Date9/18/2016
      Expiration Date12/31/2017
      LSC and ClubIL-ACAD
      Safety Training9/18/2018
      Background Check5/31/2017 - Level 2
      Athlete Protection Training12/31/2018
      Foundations of Coaching RequirementsMet
    •  MeetLocationDate 
      2016 Winter Junior ChampionshiCollege Station12/7/2016
      2016 ILOP SCST 8 & UNDER CLASSSt.Charles12/4/2016
      2016 IN OLY Winter inviteIndianapolis12/1/2016
      2016 ILOP ACAD Speedo HarvestSpringfield11/18/2016
      2016 GA Dynamo Woodie B. Malone 2016Chamblee11/18/2016
      2016 WI LAKE Fall Western GreaBrown Deer11/18/2016
      2016 College ChallengeIndianapolis11/12/2016
      2016 ILOP ACAD Speedo ThanksgiRiverside11/11/2016
      2016 ILOP BBSC Patriot PentathBradley11/6/2016
      2016 GA Senior Dynamo vs SwimMAC DualChamblee11/5/2016
      2016 IN MSC SYOA INVITEMunster11/4/2016
      2016 IA IFLY Speedo Midwest ChallengeIowa City - U of IA CRWC11/4/2016
      2016 ILOP GA OktoberfestNorthbrook10/21/2016
      2016 ILOP PAWW SpooktackularPeoria10/21/2016
      2016 GA Dynamo Mile MeetChamblee10/15/2016
      2016 GA 15th Annual Gold Inv-FinalsCumming10/14/2016
      2016 ILOP ACAD Speedo Fall OpeAurora10/8/2016
      2016 IN NCSA Summer Swimming ChamIndianapolis8/9/2016
      2016 IN CZ 14 and Under Mega ZoneIndianapolis8/4/2016
      2016 ILOP Discover LCM SeniorChicago8/4/2016
      2016 ILOP Illinois Swimming LCM Senior ChChicago8/4/2016
      2016 US Open TTrialsMinneapolis8/2/2016
      2016 U.S. Open Swimming ChampiMinneapolis8/2/2016
      2016 ILOP Age Group LC ChampiPleasant Prairie7/28/2016
      2016 ILOP PAWWSummer Regional ChamPeoria7/22/2016
      2016 ILOP DLTA Summer Regional ChamOswego7/22/2016
      2016 ILOP LWSA Summer Regional ChamNew Lenox7/22/2016
      2016 WI SSTY Speedo Section 1Brown Deer7/21/2016
      2016 ILCL ACAD Summer Meet ofAurora7/17/2016
      2016 ILAP NCISC A Conference CSycamore7/16/2016
      2016 ILOP PPD Summer Splash TiPalatine7/10/2016
      2016 ILOP DLTA Chase the DreamOswego7/9/2016
      2016 IN MSC Last Chance InviteMunster7/9/2016
      2016 ILOP HEAT ILLINOIS OPENChampaign7/8/2016
      2016 ILOP PPD Summer SplashPalatine7/8/2016
      2016 ILOP Hinsdale Swim Club Mid-SummerHinsdale7/8/2016
      Time Trials 2016 U.S. OlympicOmaha6/26/2016
      U.S. Olympic Team Trials - SwimmingOmaha, NE6/26/2016
      2016 ILOP MDWY Firecracker OpeChicago6/24/2016
      2016 IN FAST Summer Jam InvitatioFishers6/17/2016
      2016 WI Approved at Carthage CKenosha6/16/2016
      2016 SE Speedo Summer Sizzler InvNashville6/16/2016
      2016 ILCL ACAD 12&U SCM IntrasquadRiverside6/11/2016
      2016 WI PX3 Welcome to SummerPleasant Prairie6/3/2016
      2016 ILOP ACAD Speedo CapitalSpringfield6/3/2016
      2016 WI PX3 Speedo Premier OpePleasant Prairie5/27/2016
      2016 IN MSC Memorial Day InvitMunster5/27/2016
      2016 ILOP ACAD Speedo Spring SChicago5/14/2016
      2016 IL CL ACAD May 12&U IntrasAurora5/7/2016
      2016 IN CSC Spring FlingCarmel5/6/2016
      2016 WI LFSC-IL DJ FriendshipPleasant Prairie4/30/2016
      2016 LE Speedo Sectionals at SPIRGeneva3/31/2016
      2016 NCSA Age Group Swimming COrlando3/22/2016
      2016 NCSA Spring ChampionshipOrlando YMCA3/15/2016
      2016 ILOP Illinois SCY Age GrChicago3/10/2016
      2016 ILCL CWAC Last Chance Time TrialUIC3/6/2016
      2016 ILOP Senior Chmp DiscoverChicago3/3/2016
      2016 ILCL WCS Last Chance TimeWest Chicago3/2/2016
      2016 ILOP LWSA Winter RegionalNew Lennox2/26/2016
      2016 ILOP PAWW Winter RegionalPeoria2/26/2016
      2016 ILOP FOX Winter RegionalNaperville2/26/2016
      2016 ILCL ACAD Springfield MeSpringfield2/21/2016
      2016 ILCL ACAD Meet of ChampiAurora2/21/2016
      2016 ILOP FOX 17th Annual WinNaperville2/12/2016
      2016 ILOP WCS February FrenzyWest Chicago2/12/2016
      2016 ILOP RED Jake Miller ValeNormal2/12/2016
      2016 ILOP SCST CHICAGOLAND CHASt.Charles2/12/2016
      2016 ILCL ACAD 14&U DistanceAurora1/30/2016
      2016 MV CSC Tiger InvitationalColumbia1/29/2016
      2016 ILOP BBSC Sprint to the EBradley1/24/2016
      2016 ILOP NTSC TYR Build the BWinnetka1/23/2016
      2016 ST Arena Pro Swim at AustinAustin1/15/2016
      2016 ILOP PAC SPEEDO Prelim/FiLincolnshire1/15/2016
      2016 IN FAST Mudsock ClassicFishers1/15/2016
      2016 ILOP ACAD Speedo InvitatiAurora1/8/2016
      2015 ILCL ACAD 5th Annual BluAurora12/19/2015
      2015 ILOP DOCS 12th Holiday 5Washington12/12/2015
      2015 ILOP 15th Annual LWSA HolNew Lenox12/11/2015
      2015 ILOP WHTN Winter Flip FloChicago12/11/2015
      2015 ILOP SCST 8 & UNDER CLASSICSt.Charles12/6/2015
      2015 IN OLY Winter inviteIndianapolis12/3/2015
      2015 ILOP WHTN Hold Your TaperWheaton11/23/2015
      2015 ILOP WCS Fall FlingWest Chicago11/20/2015
      2015 ILOP ACAD Speedo HarvestSpringfield11/20/2015
      2015 ILOP ACAD Speedo ThanksgiRiverside11/13/2015
      2015 ILOP BBSC Patriot PentathBradley11/8/2015
      2015 IA IFLY Speedo Midwest Senior ChallengeIowa City, IA11/6/2015
      2015 IN MSC SYOA INVITEMunster High School11/6/2015
      2015 IN CSC Fall FrenzyIU Natatorium11/6/2015
      2015 ILOP PAWW SpooktackularPeoria10/23/2015
      2015 ILOP GA Oktoberfest 2015Northbrook10/16/2015
      2015 IN FAST Monster Splash InFishers HS Aquatic C10/16/2015
      2015 ILOP ACAD Speedo Fall OpeAurora10/10/2015
      2015 ILOP BNSC Octoberblast SwNormal10/2/2015
      2015 MV Central Zone 14 & U ChampionshipsTopeka7/31/2015
      2015 IL Discover LCM Senior ChChicago7/30/2015
      2015 IN NCSA Summer Swimming Indianapolis7/28/2015
      2015 IL LC Age Group ChampionsPleasant Prairie7/23/2015
      2015 IL ACAD Summer Meet of ChampionsAurora7/20/2015
      2015 ILAP DCST NCISC A ConferSycamore7/18/2015
      2015 IL SBD/DSC Summer RegionaDecatur7/17/2015
      2015 IL MMSC Summer Regional CMundelein7/17/2015
      2015 IL LYONS Summer Regional ChaWestern Springs7/17/2015
      2015 MN MSI Speedo SectionalsMinneapolis7/15/2015
      2015 MN MSI Speedo Sectionals Time TrialsMinneapolis7/15/2015
      2015 IL PPD Speedo Summer SplPalatine7/12/2015
      2015 IL DLTA Chase the DreamOswego7/11/2015
      2015 IL PPD Speedo Summer SplaPalatine7/10/2015
      2015 IL 46th Hinsdale Midsummer ClassiHinsdale7/10/2015
      2015 OZ CFAC Independence MeetEdwardsville7/10/2015
      2015 IL MDWY Firecracker OpenChicago6/26/2015
      2015 IN FAST Summer Jam InvitatioFishers6/19/2015
      2015 IA L4A Swim PINK A+ InvitationalUniv of IA CRWC, Iowa City, IA6/19/2015
      2015 IN CZ Multi Cultural MeetBrownsburg6/13/2015
      2015 IL AP Oswego @ WDSTWoodstock6/9/2015
      2015 IL ACAD Speedo Capital CiSpringfield6/5/2015
      2015 WI PX3 Welcome to SummerPleasant Prairie5/29/2015
      2015 IL PAC Memorial Day MeleeLincolnshire5/29/2015
      2015 IN MSC Memorial Day InvitMunster5/22/2015
      2015 IL ACAD Speedo Spring SwiChicago5/16/2015
      2015 IN LCB Making Waves InvitatiSt. John5/15/2015
      2015 WI LFSC-IL D Jaekel FrienPleasant Prairie5/2/2015
      2015 IL ACAD 12&U IntrasquadAurora4/25/2015
      2015 NASA Showcase ClassicDoyle Aquatic Center4/8/2015
      2015 FL NCSA Spring ChampsOrlando3/17/2015
      2015 IA Speedo Sectionals at IowaUniv of IA CRWC, Iowa City, IA3/12/2015
      2015 IL SCY Age Group ChampionPleasant Prarie3/12/2015
      2015 IL Illinois Senior SCY CUIC Flames Natatoriu3/5/2015
      2015 IL MAVS Winter Regional CAurora2/27/2015
      2015 IL LWSA Winter RegionalNew Lennox2/27/2015
      2015 IL ECST Winter Regional CElgin2/27/2015
      2015 IL ACAD Winter Regional CSpringfield2/27/2015
      2015 IL ACAD Meet of ChampionsAurora2/22/2015
      2015 IL ACAD Meet of Champions - SprinSpringfield2/22/2015
      2015 IL CHAMPS Season FinaleBerwyn2/14/2015
      2015 IL FOX 16th Annual WinterNaperville2/13/2015
      2015 IL RED Jake Miller ValentNormal2/13/2015
      2015 IL SCST CHICAGOLAND CHAMSt.Charles2/13/2015
      2015 IL Express February "FastDowners Grove2/7/2015
      2015 IL ACAD Distance Time TriSpringfield1/31/2015
      2015 IL ACAD 14&U Distance TimAurora1/31/2015
      2015 IL TYR Build the Base "B"Winnetka1/24/2015
      2015 IL PAC Prelim FinalLincolnshire1/16/2015
      2015 IN FAST Mudsock ClassicFishers1/16/2015
      2015 ST TXLA Arena Pro Swim SeAustin1/15/2015
      2015 Pro Swim at Austin TTsAustin1/15/2015
      2015 IL ACAD Speedo InvitationAurora1/9/2015
      2015 IL DSC Seth Dunscomb NewDecatur1/2/2015
      2015 IL ACAD4th Annual Bluevs.Aurora12/20/2014
      2014 IL Express Winter ClassicDowners Grove12/13/2014
      2014 IL LWSA 14th Annual HolidNew Lenox12/12/2014
      2014 IL SCST 8 & UNDER CLASSICSt.Charles12/7/2014
      2014 IL BNSC Holiday Prelim FiNormal12/5/2014
      2014 IN OLY Winter inviteIndianapolis12/4/2014
      2014 IL WHTN Hold Your TaperWheaton11/24/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Speedo Harvest ClSpringfield11/21/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Speedo ThanksgiviRiverside11/14/2014
      2014 IA IFLY Speedo Midwest Senior ChaUniv of IA CRWC, Iowa City, IA11/14/2014
      2014 IN MSC SYOA INVITEMunster High School11/7/2014
      2014 IL PAWW SpooktackularPeoria10/24/2014
      2014 IL LPD 2nd Annual SYOALemont10/19/2014
      2014 IL Lyons Pride Western Springs10/18/2014
      2014 IL GA OktoberfestNorthbrook10/17/2014
      2014 IL SPY IMX Season OpenerSpringfield10/11/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Speedo Fall OpenAurora10/11/2014
      2014 IL BNSC Octoberblast SwimNormal10/3/2014
      2014 ILAP HHST vs SPYSpringfield9/28/2014
      2014 Summer Nationals Time TrialsIrvine8/6/2014
      2014 Summer NationalsIrvine8/6/2014
      2014 IN NCSA Summer Swimming ChamIndianapolis8/5/2014
      2014 LE Cent Zone 14&U ChampGeneva8/1/2014
      2014 IL Speedo LC Senior ChampMunster7/31/2014
      2014 IL LC Age Group ChampionsPleasant Prairie7/24/2014
      2014 IL AP WDST NCISC A ConferWoodstock7/19/2014
      2014 IL LWSA Summer Regional CNew Lennox7/18/2014
      2014 IL PAWW Summer RegionalCentral Park Pool7/18/2014
      2014 IL DLTA Summer Regional COswego7/18/2014
      2014 IA Speedo Champions - Central Zone Sec 1Univ of IA CRWC, Iowa City, IA 7/17/2014
      2014 IN MSC Blast Off to STATEMunster High School7/14/2014
      2014 IL PPD Summer Splash TimPalatine7/13/2014
      2014 IL DLTA Chase the Dream Aurora7/12/2014
      2014 IL SST Titan Firecracker ClassicQuincy7/11/2014
      2014 IL 45th Hinsdale Midsummer ClassiHinsdale Community P7/11/2014
      2014 IL PPD 32nd Annual SpeedoPalatine7/11/2014
      2014 IL HSC Time TrialsHinsdale Community P7/11/2014
      2014 IL PAC Ozzie FestLincolnshire6/27/2014
      2014 IN MSC Summer Splash InviMunster High School6/27/2014
      2014 IN FRST Summer ClassicFranklin Community H6/20/2014
      2014 IA L4A Swim Pink A+ InvitationalUniv of IA CRWC, Iowa City, IA6/20/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Bullets June IntrAurora6/8/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Speedo Capital CiSpringfield6/6/2014
      2014 WI PX3 Welcome to SummerRecPlex - Pleasant P5/30/2014
      2014 IN MSC Memorial Day InvitMunster High School5/23/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Speedo Spring SwiChicago5/17/2014
      2014 WI BDSC-IL May ManiaLake View Rec Plex5/16/2014
      2014 IN FAST 500 InvitationalFishers HS Aquatic C5/16/2014
      2014 IN LCB Making Waves InvitatiLake Central Aquatic5/9/2014
      2014 IL PAC Senior Start UpLincolnshire5/4/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Bullets May IntraAurora5/3/2014
      2014 IN IUST Bucceto's OpenCounsilman-Billingsl5/2/2014
      2014 IL BNSC April Long DistanNormal4/25/2014
      2014 Mesa Grand PrixMesa4/24/2014
      FGC Long Course Season Kick OfNorth Miami4/18/2014
      2014 NASA Showcase ClassicDoyle Aquatic Center4/16/2014
      2014 MN MYAS Midwest Regional Swim MeetMinneapolis4/5/2014
      2014 WI Approved Illiniois YMCRecPlex3/22/2014
      2014 FL AP NCSA Spring ChampionshipOrlando3/18/2014
      2014 IL SCY Speedo Age GroupChicago3/13/2014
      2014 IL WHTN Last Chance TimeWheaton College3/8/2014
      2014 IL Speedo Illinois Senior ChampionshipsChicago3/6/2014
      2014 IL Fox Winter Regional ChampNaperville2/28/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Springfield WintEisenhower Pool2/28/2014
      2014 IL LWSA Winter Regional ChamNew Lenox2/28/2014
      2014 IL Academy Bullets MeetAurora2/23/2014
      2014 IL Springfield Bullets MeSpringfield2/23/2014
      2014 IL JAXY v SPY DualSpringfield2/16/2014
      2014 IL RED Valentine's OpenNormal2/14/2014
      2014 IL HOSC Bee My ValentineDarien2/14/2014
      2014 IL FOX 15th Annual WinterNeuqua Valley High S2/14/2014
      2014 IL SCST ARENA CHICAGOLANDJohn B.Norris Rec. C2/14/2014
      2014 IL ACAD February 2014 FutSpringfield2/1/2014
      2014 IL TYR Build the Base "B"Winnetka1/25/2014
      2014 IL PAC Prelim FinalLincolnshire1/17/2014
      2014 IN FAST Mudsock ClassicFishers High School1/17/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Speedo InvitationAurora1/10/2014
      2014 IL DSC Seth Dunscomb NewDecatur1/10/2014
      2014 IL ACAD Springfield Distance TTSpringfield1/4/2014
      2014 IL ACAD 14&U Distance Time TAurora1/4/2014
      2013 IL ACAD 3rd Annual Blue vs. Green ChalAurora12/21/2013
      2013 ILAP CCY v SPY DualSpringfield12/15/2013
      2013 IL Express Winter ClassicDowners Grove12/14/2013
      2013 ILAP DCST Barb Wire ClassSycamore12/14/2013
      2013 IL BNSC Holiday Prelim FiNormal12/13/2013
      2013 IL LWSA 13th Annual HoliNew Lenox12/13/2013
      2013 Speedo Winter Jr Nats Time TrialsGreensboro12/12/2013
      2013 Speedo Winter Junior NationalsGreensboro12/12/2013
      2013 IL SCST ARENA 8 & UNDERSt.Charles12/8/2013
      2013 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWaukesha South High12/6/2013
      2013 IL WHTN Hold Your TaperWheaton11/25/2013
      2013 IL GA High School Time TrNorthbrook11/24/2013
      2013 IL G.ILL.S PentathlonTinley Park11/23/2013
      2013 IL ACAD Speedo Harvest ClSpringfield11/22/2013
      2013 IL ACAD Speedo ThanksgiviRiverside11/16/2013
      2013 IA IFLY Speedo Midwest Senior ChallengeU of I CRWC, Iowa City, IA 11/15/2013
      2013 MV CSC Jim Devine MemoriaColumbia11/15/2013
      2013 IL GA Oktoberfest 2013Glenbrook North HS10/25/2013
      2013 IL PAWW Spooktackular Peoria10/25/2013
      2013 IL Wheaton Sport at WCSWCCHS10/20/2013
      2013 IN FAST Monster Splash InFishers HS Aquatic C10/18/2013
      2013 IL ACAD Speedo Fall OpenMarmion Academy10/12/2013
      2013 ILAP SPY IMX & IMR ChallengSpringfield YMCA10/12/2013
      4th FINA World Junior Championships Semi-FinalDubai8/26/2013
      4th FINA World Junior SwimmingDubai8/26/2013
      2013 Speedo Juniors - Time TriIrvine8/5/2013
      2013 Speedo Junior National Irvine8/5/2013
      2013 LE Central Zone 14 & U SPIRE - Geneva OH8/2/2013
      2013 IL Friday LC Senior TimeMunster HS8/1/2013
      2013 IL Saturday LC Senior TiMunster HS8/1/2013
      2013 IL Sunday LC Senior TimeMunster HS8/1/2013
      2013 IL Illinois Swimmng LC Senior ChampiMunster HS8/1/2013
      2013 NCSA Summer Swimming ChamIUPUI Natatorium7/30/2013
      2013 IL PAC LC Age Group ChaStevenson High Schoo7/25/2013
      2013 IL NCISC "A" Conference CKishwaukee YMCA7/20/2013
      2013 IL DLTA Summer Regional COswego East High Sch7/19/2013
      2013 IL LWSA Summer Regional CLincoln Way Central7/19/2013
      2013 MN Twin LC Speedo ChampionshipUniversity of Minnesota7/17/2013
      2013 IL PPD Sunday Afternoon TBirchwood7/14/2013
      2013 IL PPD 31st Annual SpeedoBirchwood Pool7/12/2013
      2013 IL 44th Hinsdale MidsummeHinsdale Community P7/12/2013
      2013 IL PAC Ozzie Fest13Patriot Natatorium7/5/2013
      2013 USA National ChampsIndianapolis6/25/2013
      2013 IL WCS Summer SplashUniversity of Illino6/21/2013
      2013 IA L4A Swim PINK A+ InvitationalUniv of Iowa CRWC, Iowa City, IA6/21/2013
      2013 IL FAST June Time Trial #Freeport Middle Scho6/17/2013
      2013 IL TOPS Father's Day ClasHyde Park, IL6/14/2013
      2013 IL Wheaton Fathers Day TUIC Flames Natatoriu6/14/2013
      2013 WI Approved Carthage CampKenosha, WI - Approv6/13/2013
      2013 WI MMSC-IL Bring on the HRec Plex6/8/2013
      2013 IL SCST Arena Summer Clthe Norris Rec Cente6/6/2013
      2013 IL FASTJune Time Trial #1Freeport Middle Scho6/3/2013
      2013 IL PAC Memorial Day MeleePatriot Natatorium5/24/2013
      2013 IN MSC Memorial Day InvitMunster High School5/24/2013
      2013 IL ACAD Speedo Spring SwiUIC Natatorium5/18/2013
      2013 IL ACAD Bullets May IntraMarmion Academy5/4/2013
      2013 FL NASA Showcase ClassicDoyle Aquatic Center4/3/2013
      2013 NCSA Junior SwimOrlando YMCA3/12/2013
      2013 WI Speedo Champions SerieWaukesha South High3/7/2013
      2013 IL SCY Age Group ChampionshipUniversity of Illino3/7/2013
      2013 IL Sr Chmp SCY Speedo IlLakeview Rec-Plex2/28/2013
      2013 IL LWSA Winter RegionalLINCOLN-WAY EAST H.S2/22/2013
      2013 IL MAVS Winter RegionalMetea Valley High Sc2/22/2013
      2013 ILCL Academy Bullets MeeMarmion Academy2/17/2013
      2013 IL FOX 14th Annual WinterNeuqua Valley High S2/8/2013
      2013 IL SCST ARENA CHICAGOLANDJohn B.Norris Rec. C2/8/2013
      2013 IL WCS February FrenzyWest Chicago High Sc2/8/2013
      2013 IN MSC 10 and Under SpectMunster HS1/27/2013
      2013 ILCL ACAD 14&U Distance TMarmion Academy1/26/2013
      2013 IL NTSC TYR Build the BasNew Trier High Schoo1/19/2013
      2013 IL PAC Prelim FinalPatriot Natatorium1/18/2013
      2013 IL ACAD Speedo InvitationMarmion Academy & Va1/4/2013
      2012 IL ACAD 2nd Blue vs. GreeMarmion Academy12/15/2012
      2012 ILAP DCST Barb Wire ClassKishwaukee YMCA12/8/2012
      2012 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWaukesha South High12/7/2012
      2012 IL Wheaton Team ChallegeNeuqua Valley12/7/2012
      2012 IL LWSA 12th Annual HoliLincoln-Way Central12/7/2012
      2012 IL SCST ARENA 8 & UNDERSt.Charles North Aqu12/2/2012
      2012 AT&T Winter National ChamAustin11/29/2012
      2012 AT&T Winter National TimeLee and Joe Jamail T11/29/2012
      2012 ILAP BRRY Thanksgiving Classic1Naperville Central H11/18/2012
      2012 IL ACAD Speedo ThanksgiviRiverside Brookfield11/17/2012
      2012 ILAP BRRY Thanksgiving Classic2Naperville Central H11/17/2012
      2012 IL Alligator Fall Swamp MElk Grove HS11/10/2012
      2012 IN CSC Fall FrenzyIU Natatorium11/2/2012
      2012 IL FAST Trick or SwimFreeport Middle Scho10/20/2012
      2012 IL Lyons PrideLyons Township High10/20/2012
      2012 IL GA OktoberfestGlenbrook North HS10/19/2012
      2012 IL ACAD Speedo Fall OpenMarmion Academy10/13/2012
      2012 IL SCST QUADATHONNorris Rec Center9/23/2012
      2012 Speedo Junior National TiIndiana University N8/13/2012
      2012 Speedo Junior National ChampsIndianapolis8/13/2012
      2012 WI Central Zone 14 & U ChPleasant Prairie Rec8/3/2012
      2012 IL LC Age Group ChampionsVillage of Pleasant7/26/2012
      2012 IL WDST Conference 2012Woodstock7/21/2012
      2012 IL DLTA Summer Regional COswego East High Sch7/20/2012
      2012 Speedo Champions Series TT - CZ Sec 1University of Iowa Aquatic Center, Iowa City, IA7/19/2012
      2012 Speedo Champions Series-Central Zone Sec 1University of Iowa Aquatic Center, Iowa City, IA 7/19/2012
      2012 IL 43rd Hinsdale MidsummeHinsdale Community P7/13/2012
      2012 IL Speedo LC Senior ChampUniversity of Chicag7/12/2012
      2012 IL PPD Summer Splash TimeBirchwood Pool7/8/2012
      2012 IL PPD 30th Annual SpeedoBirchwood Pool7/6/2012
      USA Olympic Team TrialsOmaha6/25/2012
      2012 IL FAST June Time Trial #Freeport Middle Scho6/25/2012
      2012 IL WCS Summer SplashUniversity of Illino6/22/2012
      2012 ILL FAST June Time TrialsFreeport Middle Scho6/18/2012
      2012 WI LFSC-IL Time Trials SWRecPlex6/16/2012
      2012 IL TOPS Father's Day ClasOak Park, IL6/15/2012
      2012 IL Wheaton Fathers Day TUIC Flames Natatoriu6/15/2012
      2012 IL FAST June Time Trial #Freeport Middle Scho6/11/2012
      2012 WI MMSC-IL Bring on the HRec Plex6/9/2012
      2012 SwimVitational Time TrialCenturyLink Center6/8/2012
      2012 MD NBAC Long Course ChampionMeadowbrook Aquatic6/8/2012
      2012 Mutual of Omaha SwimvitationalCenturyLink Center6/8/2012
      2012 IL PAC Memorial Day MeleePatriot Natatorium5/25/2012
      2012 IL SSSC Spring Sprint MeeDuis Center5/19/2012
      2012 IN BA Early BirdBoilermaker Aquatic5/18/2012
      2012 IL SCST Spring PentathlonNorris Rec Center5/5/2012
      2012 FL NASA Showcase ClassicDoyle Aquatic Center4/11/2012
      2012 Indianapolis Grand PrixIndianapolis3/29/2012
      2012 NCSA Junior National SwimOrlando YMCA3/20/2012
      2012 IL ISI Age Group ChampionUniversity of Illino3/9/2012
      2012 IL Speedo Illinois SwimmFlames Natatorium at3/1/2012
      2012 IL LWSA Winter Regional CLincoln-Way East Hig2/24/2012
      2012 IL Academy Bullets MeetMarmion Academy2/19/2012
      2012 IL WDST Time Trial 2012WNHS2/18/2012
      2012 IL SCST / TYR ChicagolanNorris Rec Center/St2/10/2012
      2012 IL HOSC Bee My ValentineHinsdale South High2/10/2012
      2012 IN MSC 10 and Under SpectMunster HS1/29/2012
      2012 IL ACAD 14&U Distance TiMarmion Academy1/28/2012
      2012 IL NTSC Tri-State ChallenNew Trier High Schoo1/20/2012
      2012 IL ACAD Speedo InvitationMarmion Academy & Va1/6/2012
      2011 IL ACAD 1st Annual BluevMarmion Academy12/17/2011
      2011 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWaukesha South High12/9/2011
      2011 IL Wheaton Team ChallegeNeuqua Valley12/9/2011
      2011 IL SCST TYR 8 & Under ClaSt Charles North Hig12/4/2011
      2011 Winter National ChampsAtlanta12/1/2011
      2011 IL SCST Girls LCM Time TNorris Rec Center11/20/2011
      Minneapolis Grand PrixMinneapolis11/11/2011
      2011 IN MSC SYOA INVITEMunster High School11/11/2011
      2011 IL FOX 15th Annual FallNeuqua Valley High S11/4/2011
      2011 IL RED Archie Harris FallHorton Pool10/28/2011
      2011 IL ACAD Speedo Fall OpenMarmion Academy10/15/2011
      2011 IL BNSC Octoberblast SwIllinois State Univ9/30/2011
      2011 IL WWAC Fall Kick Off MeeWaubonsie Valley HS9/30/2011
      2011 USA Junior National ChampsStanford8/8/2011
      2011 IN Central Zone 14 & U IU Natatorium - Indi8/5/2011
      2011 USA National ChampsPalo Alto8/2/2011
      2011 Nationals TTPalo Alto8/2/2011
      2011 IL LC Age Group ChampionsPleasant Prairie Re7/28/2011
      2011 YMCA National Long CourseGeorgia Tech7/25/2011
      2011 IL DLTA Summer Regional Oswego East High Sch7/22/2011
      2011 IA TT Speedo Champions Series-CZ Iowa City7/21/2011
      2011 IA Speedo Champions Series - CZ Section 1Iowa City7/21/2011
      2011 IL SCST Endless Summer QualifierNorris Rec Center/St7/16/2011
      2011 IL NCISC "A" ChampionshiKishwaukee YMCA7/16/2011
      2011 IL LC Senior ChampionshipStevenson High Schoo7/15/2011
      2011 IL Speedo LC Senior ChampStevenson High Schoo7/14/2011
      2011 IL PPD Summer Splash TimeBirchwood7/10/2011
      2011 IL PPD 28th Annual SummerBirchwood Pool7/8/2011
      2011 IL 42nd Hinsdale MidsummeHinsdale Community P7/8/2011
      2011 FL CAT July OpenDoyle Aquatic Center7/2/2011
      2011 IN FINS Summer InviteIU Natatorium6/24/2011
      2011 IL WCS Summer SplashUniversity of Illino6/24/2011
      2011 WI Approved Carthage CampKenosha, WI - Approv6/22/2011
      2011 WI LFSC-IL Wisconsin SwimLakeview RecPlex, Pl6/18/2011
      XLIV Santa Clara InternationalSanta Clara6/16/2011
      2011 MI OLY Closed InviteRochester, MI6/11/2011
      2011 MI OLY Senior ChallengeRochester, MI6/10/2011
      2011 IL LFSC Daniel Jaekel ChiChicago, Illinois5/21/2011
      2011 IL SCST Spring PentathlonNorris Rec. Center5/7/2011
      2011 NCSA Jr Natl Time TrialsOrlando YMCA Aquatic3/15/2011
      2011 NCSA Jr National SwimmingOrlando YMCA Aquatic3/15/2011
      2011 IL SCY ISI Age Group ChamUniversity of Illino3/11/2011
      2011 IL WHTN Last Chance Time TrialWheaton College3/5/2011
      2011 IL SCY Illinois Senior ChmpsFlames Natatorium at3/3/2011
      2011 IL LWSA Winter Regional ChmpLincoln-Way East Hig2/25/2011
      2011 IL Academy Bullets MeetMarmion Academy2/20/2011
      2011 IL SCST/TYR 5th Annual ChSt. Charles North H.2/11/2011
      2011 IL FOX 12th Annual WinterNeuqua Valley High S2/11/2011
      2011 IL ACAD 14&U Distance TimMarmion Academy1/29/2011
      2011 IN FWA Winter ClassicHelen P. Brown Natat1/21/2011
      2011 IL NTSC TYR Tri-State ChWinnetka1/21/2011
      2011 FL CAT Al Soltis Memorial The Doyle Aquatic Ce1/15/2011
      2011 IL ACAD Speedo InvitationMarmion Academy & Va1/7/2011
      2010 IL Wheaton Team ChallegeNeuqua Valley12/10/2010
      2010 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWaukesha South High12/10/2010
      2010 IL SCST - TYR 8 & Under CSt. Charles North Hi12/5/2010
      2010 IL BSC Mustang Classic 31Barrington High Scho11/19/2010
      2010 MN Grand Prix TTUniversity of Minnes11/13/2010
      2010 IL Alligator Fall SwampElk Grove High Schoo11/13/2010
      2010 MN Grand PrixUniversity of Minnes11/12/2010
      2010 MN Grand Prix TTUniversity of Minnes11/12/2010
      2010 IL Pick Your Poison PentathlonLincoln Way North Hi11/7/2010
      2010 IL Maverick RoundupNaperville, Illinois11/6/2010
      2010 IN CSC Fall Frenzy InvitaIUPUI Natatorium11/5/2010
      2010 FL CAT Distance MeetThe Long Center10/30/2010
      2010 IL Lyons PrideLyons Township HS So10/23/2010
      2010 IL Fox Fall First SplashNVHS10/16/2010
      2010 IL ACAD Speedo Fall OpenMarmion10/16/2010
      2010 FL WFLA Halloween InviteSouthwest Pool, Larg10/15/2010
      2010 FL CAT Short Course Kick OffThe Long Center9/25/2010
      2010 FL CAT Short Course Kick OffThe Long Center9/25/2010
      2010 Junior Nats TTIrvine, CA8/9/2010
      2010 Junior National ChampsIrvine, CA8/9/2010
      2010 WI Central Zone Age GrouRecPlex Aqua Arena,8/6/2010
      2010 ConocoPhillips Nats TTIrvine, CA8/3/2010
      2010 National ChampsIrvine, CA8/3/2010
      2010 IL Speedo LC Age Group Stevenson High Schoo7/30/2010
      2010 IL LFSC ISI Summer RegionUniversity of Illino7/23/2010
      2010 MN TWIN Speedo ChampsMinneapolis7/21/2010
      2010 IL SCST Endless Summer QuJohn B. Norris Rec.7/17/2010
      2010 IL FRI TT LC Senior Champ 7/16/2010
      2010 IL Senior LC ChampionshiNorris Aquatics Cent7/15/2010
      2010 IL PPD Summer Splash TimeBirchwood Pool, Pala7/11/2010
      2010 IL PPD Summer Splash 7/9/2010
      2010 IN FAST Summer Jam InvitatioFishers HS Aquatic C6/25/2010
      2010 IL SSSC July Swim ExplosiLawrence Park Pool6/25/2010
      2010 IL WCS Summer SplashUniversity of Illino6/25/2010
      2010 MI OLY 12 & U Closed LC IRochester, MI6/12/2010
      2010 MI OLY LC Senior ChallengRochester, MI6/11/2010
      2010 FL CAT Escape the HeatLong Center6/11/2010
      2010 IL St. Charles Swim TeamJohn B. Norris Rec.6/10/2010
      2010 Barcelona Invite 6/9/2010
      2010 IL Daniel Jaekel ChicagoChicago, Illinois5/22/2010
      2010 WI WEST May OpenerWaukesha South High5/15/2010
      2010 IL SCST Spring PentathlonNorris Rec. Center5/15/2010
      2010 FL SYS--Memorial Meet Selby Aquatic Center5/14/2010
      2010 FL WFLA SPRING OPENSouthwest Pool Compl4/30/2010
      2010 FL NCSA Jr Natl Time TrialsOrlando, Florida3/16/2010
      2010 FL NCSA Jr Natl Time TrialsOrlando, Florida3/16/2010
      2010 FL NCSA Junior Natl SwimmingOrlando, Florida3/16/2010
      2010 IL ISI SCY Age Grp ChampsUniversityof Illinoi3/12/2010
      2010 IL SCY SR CHMP Illinois SwimFlames Natatorium at3/4/2010
      2010 IL Last Chance Time Trial 3/4/2010
      2010 IL T & C YMCA Boys DistriUIC2/28/2010
      2010 IL FOX ISI Regional ChampNeuqua Valley High2/26/2010
      2010 IL ACAD Last Chance Time 2/21/2010
      2010 IL FOX 11th Annual WinterNeuqua Valley High S2/12/2010
      2010 IL SCST / TYR ChicagolandNorris Rec. Center &2/12/2010
      2010 MI S/DAST Blizzard BowlHaslett, MI2/6/2010
      2010 IL Bullets Distance TimeMarmion Academy1/30/2010
      2010 IL TYR Tri-State ChallenNew Trier High Schoo1/22/2010
      2010 IL Speedo InvitationalMarmion Academy / Va1/8/2010
      2009 IL Barb Wire ClassicKishwaukee YMCA12/12/2009
      2009 IL Wheaton Team ChallegeNeuqua Valley12/11/2009
      2009 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWaukesha South High12/11/2009
      2009 IL 8 & Under MeetSt. Charles North Hi12/6/2009
      2009 IL B. R. Ryall Thanksgiving ClassNaperville Central H11/22/2009
      2009 IL B. R. Ryall Thanksgiving ClassNaperville Central H11/21/2009
      2009 IL Alligator Swamp Meet 11/14/2009
      2009 MN Minnesota Grand PrixUniversity of Minnes11/13/2009
      2009 IN CSC Fall FrenzyIUPUI Natatorium11/6/2009
      2009 IL Lyons Pride Lyons Township HS So10/24/2009
      2009 Jr National Champs TTFederal Way, WA8/10/2009
      2009 Speedo Junior National ChFederal Way, WA8/10/2009
      2009 Central Zone ChampionshipForest Park Aquatic8/7/2009
      2009 IL Speedo Age Group ChamStevenson High Schoo7/31/2009
      2009 IL St. Charles Swim TeamNorris Recreational7/25/2009
      2009 MN USA Swimming Speedo ChampionshipsUniversity of Minnesota, Mpls7/22/2009
      2009 MN TT USA Swimming SpeedoUniversity of Minnes7/22/2009
      2009 IL CHICAGOLAND SWIM CONFEYork High School Ill7/21/2009
      2009 IL Speedo LC Senior ChamThe University of Ch7/16/2009
      2009 IL Saturday Sr Chmps TimUniversity Of Chicag7/16/2009
      2009 IL Sunday Sr Chmps Time TUniversity Of Chicag7/16/2009
      2009 IL CSC Summer Silver ConVaughan Athletic Cen7/14/2009
      2009 IL PPD 27th Annual SummeBirchwood Pool7/10/2009
      2009 USAS National Champs TTIndianapolis7/7/2009
      2009 USA Swimming National ChampsIndianapolis7/7/2009
      2009 IL WCS Summer SplashUniversity of Illino6/26/2009
      2009 MI OLY Long Course InviteRochester, MI6/12/2009
      2009 IL Daniel Jaekel Chicago ClassicChicago, Illinois5/30/2009
      2009 KY Cardinal Aquatics SummerUniversity of Louisv5/29/2009
      2009 IL SCST Spring PentathlonNorris Recreational5/9/2009
      2009 FL NCSA Jr Natls - TTOrlando, Florida3/17/2009
      2009 FL NCSA Jr Natls TT 2Orlando, Florida3/17/2009
      2009 FL NCSA Junior NatsOrlando, Florida3/17/2009
      2009 IL Speedo Age Group ChaUniversityof Illinoi3/13/2009
      2009 IL MO Area YMCA Boys ChamKishwaukee YMCA, DeK3/8/2009
      2009 IL Speedo Sr ChampionshipFlames Natatorium at3/5/2009
      2009 IL T & C YMCA Boys DistriUIC3/1/2009
      2009 IL FOX ISI Regional ChampNeuqua Valley High S2/27/2009
      2009 IL Gold ConferenceLyons Township South2/22/2009
      2009 IL BSC Chicagoland Silver 2/16/2009
      2009 IL St. Charles Prelim FiNorris Recreational2/13/2009
      2009 IL Delta Winter Washout Meet Oswego East High Sch2/13/2009
      2009 IL Distance Time Trial 20Marmion Academy1/31/2009
      2009 IL NTSC TYR Tri-State ChWinnetka1/23/2009
      2009 IN Mid-States Quadrangular Indianapolis, IN1/10/2009
      2009 IL Academy Speedo InvitaMarmion Academy1/9/2009
      2008 IL Wheaton Team ChallegeNeuqua Valley12/12/2008
      2008 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWuakesha South High12/12/2008
      2008 IL Alligator Swamp swim 08Elk Grove HS11/8/2008
      2008 IN CSC Fall FrenzyIUPUI Natatorium11/7/2008
      2008 IL Lyons Pride Meet 10/18/2008
      2008 IN Central MegaZoneIndianapolis, IN IU8/6/2008
      2008 Speedo Junior National Minneapolis, MN8/4/2008
      2008 IL Speedo Age Group ChampUniversity of Illino8/1/2008
      2008 IL LC Sr Chmp Saturday NU7/26/2008
      2008 IL Speedo ISI LC Senior CNorthwestern Univers7/24/2008
      2008 IL CSC Gold Conference Summer Oswego East High Sch7/22/2008
      2008 IL NCISC "A" ChampsKishwaukee YMCA7/19/2008
      2008 IL St. Charles Regional TTNorris Recreation Ce7/18/2008
      2008 WI Summer Central Zone SeWalter Schroeder Aqu7/17/2008
      2008 IL Silver Conference SummMarmion Academy7/15/2008
      2008 IL 26th Annual Summer Splash435 West Illinois Av7/11/2008
      2008 IL Delta vs. Academy Summer Oswego East High Sch7/2/2008
      2008 Olympic TrialsOmaha6/29/2008
      2008 IL 39th Hinsdale Midsummer ClassiHinsdale Community P6/27/2008
      2008 SE NAC Summer SizzlerNashville, TN6/20/2008
      2008 WI SHOR OpenSchroeder6/14/2008
      2008 OZ Parkway Summer SizzlerSt. Louis, MO6/13/2008
      2008 IL WHTN Fathers Day TeamUIC6/13/2008
      2008 NC Charlotte UltraSwimCharlotte, NC6/5/2008
      2008 IL Daniel Jaekel Chicago ClassicChicago, Illinois5/24/2008
      2008 IL St. Charles Pentathlon Norris Center5/17/2008
      2008 IL PAC Senior Start-Up InviteStevenson4/27/2008
      2008 OH OSU GP McCorkle Aquatic Pav4/4/2008
      2008 FL NCSA Jr Natl TTOrlando, Florida3/18/2008
      2008 FL NCSA Junior National SwimOrlando, Florida3/18/2008
      2008 IL ISI SC Age Group ChampionshipUniversity of Illino3/14/2008
      2008 IL FOX JO Time TrialNVHS3/9/2008
      2008 WI Speedo Champions SerieWaukesha South High3/6/2008
      2008 IL SC Senior ChampsFlames Natatorium at2/28/2008
      2008 IL FOX Regional ChampionsNeuqua Valley High S2/22/2008
      2008 IL Chicagoland Swim ConferenceBarrington High Scho2/17/2008
      2008 IL FOX Gold Conference MeNVHS2/17/2008
      2008 Missouri Grand PrixMizzou Aquatic Cente2/15/2008
      2008 IL Winter Washout Meet Oswego East High Sch2/8/2008
      2008 WI SSTY A+Walter Schroeder Aqu2/1/2008
      2008 IL TYR Tri-State ChallengeNew Trier High School1/18/2008
      2008 IL Academy Bullets InviteMarmion Academy1/11/2008
      2008 IL Distance Time TrialMarmion Academy1/5/2008
      2008 IN Mid-States QuadIndianapolis, IN1/5/2008
      2007 IL Wheaton Team ChallegeNeuqua Valley12/7/2007
      2007 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWuakesha South High12/7/2007
      2007 GA USAS Sunday InviteGeorgia Tech Aquatic12/2/2007
      2007 GA ConocoPhillips SCY NatsAtlanta, Georgia11/29/2007
      2007 GA TT ConocoPhillips Atlanta, Georgia11/29/2007
      2007 IL Arlington Swamp SwimElk Grove HS11/10/2007
      2007 IN CSC Fall FrenzyIUPUI Natatorium11/2/2007
      2007 IL Lyons Pride Lyons Township High10/13/2007
      2007 Speedo Junior NatsIndianapolis, Indian8/6/2007
      2007 Speedo Junior Nats TTIndianapolis, Indian8/6/2007
      2007 LE Central Zone Robert F Busbey Nata8/3/2007
      2007 IN ConocoPhillips NatsIndianapolis, Indian7/31/2007
      2007 IN ConocoPhillips Nats TTIndianapolis, Indian7/31/2007
      2007 IL Age Group ChampsSheridan Swim Club7/27/2007
      2007 IL RegionalThe Norris Recreatio7/21/2007
      2007 MN TWIN Speedo SectionalsUniversity of Minnes7/18/2007
      2007 IL CASSL Gold Conference Oswego East High Sch7/16/2007
      2007 IL LC Sr ChampionshipNorthwestern Univers7/13/2007
      2007 IL CASSL Silver ChampsWest Chicago High Sc7/10/2007
      2007 IL Hinsdale Midsummer Hinsdale Community P7/6/2007
      2007 OZ Parkway Summer SizzlerQueeny Park, Ballwin, MO6/15/2007
      2007 IL Arlington Alligator Summer SwaUIC6/2/2007
      2007 IL Daniel Jaekel Chicago ClassicChicago, Illinois5/26/2007
      2007 IL Speedo May Madness LC SwiUIC5/19/2007
      2007 FL NCSA Junior ChampsOrlando YMCA Aquatic3/20/2007
      2007 IL AG ChampsUniversity of Illino3/16/2007
      2007 IL FOX JO Time TrialNeuqua Valley High S3/11/2007
      2007 IL Speedo Champions SeriesUniversity of Illino3/8/2007
      2007 IL TT Senior ChampsUIC3/2/2007
      2007 Il SC Senior ChampUIC3/2/2007
      2007 IL BSC Regional ChampionsBarrington High Scho2/23/2007
      2007 IL IHSA Boys StateWinnetka2/23/2007
      2007 IL Silver Conference MeetBarrington High Scho2/19/2007
      2007 IL Delta Aquatics t.t.Oswego East2/19/2007
      2007 IL Chicagoland Gold ConfNaperville, Illinois2/18/2007
      2007 IL Last Chance Meet WVHS2/9/2007
      2007 WI SSTY A+Walter Schroeder Aqu2/2/2007
      2007 IL TYR Tri-State ChallengeNTHS - Winnetka1/19/2007
      2007 IL ACAD vs. SCST vs.WHTNMarmion Academy1/13/2007
      2007 IL Lyons Classic LTHS South Campus Po1/12/2007
      2007 IN Mid-States Quad ChampsIndianapolis, IN1/6/2007
      2007 IL McDonald's OpenMarmion Academy1/5/2007
      2006 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWaukesha South High12/8/2006
      2006 IL Wheaton Swim Club Team ChallenNeuqua Valley High S12/2/2006
      2006 MR Army vs Navy WomenWest Point, NY11/30/2006
      2006 IL Alligator Swamp SwimElk Grove High Schoo11/11/2006
      2006 IN CSC Fall FrenzyIU Natatorium11/3/2006
      2006 IL Speedo MW Kick-Off,Neuqua Valley HS, Na10/20/2006
      2006 OK Central ZonesOklahoma City Community College8/4/2006
      2006 IL Speedo LC AG ChampsUIC Flames Natatoriu7/28/2006
      2006 IL SCST Endless Summer TimeNorris Recreation Ce7/22/2006
      2006 MN TWIN Speedo SectionalsUniversity of Minnes7/20/2006
      2006 IL CASSL Gold ConferenceMarmion Academy7/17/2006
      2006 IL CASSL Silver ChampionshipWest Chicago High Sc7/11/2006
      2006 IL Hinsdale Midsummer Hinsdale Community P7/7/2006
      2006 OZ PKWY Summer SizzlerQueeny Park6/16/2006
      2006 IL Jaekel Chicago ClassicChicago, Illinois5/27/2006
      2006 IL NAPV May Madness University of Illino5/20/2006
      2006 Eric Namesnik Grand PrixAnn Arbor, 5/19/2006
      2006 Spring ChampionshipsFederal Way, Washington3/28/2006
      2006 IL AG ChampsUniveristy of Illino3/17/2006
      2006 IL FOX-JO Time Trial NVHS3/12/2006
      2006 IL Speedo Sectionalsuniversity of Illino3/9/2006
      2006 IL SAT Sr. Champs TTUIC3/3/2006
      2006 IL SUN Sr. Champs TTUIC3/3/2006
      2006 IL SC Senior ChampsUniversity of Illino3/3/2006
      2006 IL FOX-ISI Regional ChampsNeuqua Valley High S2/24/2006
      2006 IL Last Chance Time TrialWVHS2/19/2006
      2006 IL Chicagoland Gold ConfNaperville, Illinois2/19/2006
      2006 IL WWAC Last ChanceWVHS2/10/2006
      2006 IL Fly/IM Time TrialWVHS2/3/2006
      2006 WI SSTY YMCA A+ Walter Schroeder Aqu2/3/2006
      2006 IL ACAD vs. LYONMarmion Academy1/28/2006
      2006 IL TYR Tri-State ChallengeWinnetka1/20/2006
      2006 IN Mid-States Quad ChampIUPUI`1/7/2006
      2006 IL McDonald's OpenMarmion Academy1/6/2006
      2005 FL CAT Jingle Bell InvitatioDoyle Aquatic Center12/9/2005
      2005 WI WEST Nike ChallengeWuakesha South High12/9/2005
      2005 IL WSC Team ChallengeNeuqua Valley High S12/3/2005
      2005 IL IHSA Girls HS StateEvanston11/18/2005
      2005 IL Alligator Swamp Swim 11/12/2005
      2005 FL Swim Florida InviteNaples YMCA Norris P11/11/2005
      2005 IN CSC Fall FrenzyIUPUI Natatorium11/4/2005
      2005 IL WHTN vs ACADWheaton College10/29/2005
      2005 IL TYR Midwestern Kick-OffNeuqua Valley HS, Na10/21/2005
      2005 FL Wood Floor Co.Lee Cty / FGCU Aquat9/23/2005
      2005 ND Central Zone ChampsUND-Hyslop Pool8/5/2005
      2005 ConocoPhillips NationalsIrvine8/3/2005
      2005 IL LC Age Group ChampsSheridan Swim Club7/29/2005
      2005 IL St. Charles Endless Summer TimNorris Recreational7/23/2005
      2005 MN TWIN Speedo SectionalsUniversity of Minnes7/21/2005
      2005 IL CASSLGold ConferenceSt. Charles North Hi7/19/2005
      2005 IL Senior State ChampsNorthwestern Univers7/15/2005
      2005 IL CASSL Silver ChampionshipWest Chicago High Sc7/12/2005
      2005 IL Hinsdale Midsummer Classic Hinsdale Community P7/8/2005
      2005 IL ACAD Dual Meet 7/5/2005
      2005 OZ Parkway Summer SizzlerQueeny Park, St. Lou6/17/2005
      2005 IL SCST Summer Norris Recreation Center6/10/2005
      2005 IN Counsilman ClassicIndianapolis, IN6/10/2005
      2005 IL Chicago ClassicChicago, Illinois5/28/2005
      2005 CA Speedo Gr ChallengeWm Woollett Aquatics5/27/2005
      2005 IL NAPV May Madness MeetUniversity of Illino5/21/2005
      2005 World Championship TrialsIndiana University N4/1/2005
      2005 World Champs Trials TTIndiana University N4/1/2005
      2005 IL Age Group ChampsUniversity of Illino3/18/2005
      2005 MN TWIN Speedo SectionalsUniversity of Minnes3/10/2005
      2005 IL ISI Time TrialsUIC3/4/2005
      2005 IL Swimming SC SeniHosted by PPD @Unive3/4/2005
      2005 IL FOX-ISI Reg ChampsNeuqua Valley H.S.2/25/2005
      2005 IL Chicagoland Gold Conference Naperville, Illinois2/20/2005
      2005 IL White Water Time Trial - SeasoWVHS2/20/2005
      2005 IL Last Chance MeetWVHS2/11/2005
      2005 WI Schroeder YMCA A+Walter Schroeder Aqu2/4/2005
      2005 IL McDonald's OpenMarmion Academy1/7/2005
      2004 IL Patriot GamesStevenson High Schoo12/10/2004
      2004 US OpenSan Antonio, Texas12/2/2004
      2004 IL HInsdale Fall Classic Hinsdale Central11/20/2004
      2004 IL Neuqua Valley IHSA Sec GirlsNaperville, IL 11/13/2004
      2004 IN CSC Fall FrenzyIUPUI Natatorium11/5/2004
      2004 IL TYR Midwestern Kick-Off Neuqua Valley HS, Na10/15/2004
      2005 VA NOVA UVA DUAL 10/9/2004
      2004 Olympic GamesAthens8/14/2004
      2004 OH Central Zone ChampionsOxford, Ohio Miami U8/6/2004
      2004 IL Age Group State Hosted by PatrAdlai E. Stevenson H7/30/2004
      2004 IL SCST Endless Summer Time TrialNorris Rec. Center7/25/2004
      2004 MN TWIN Long Course Speedo ChampiUniversity of Minnes7/22/2004
      2004 IL LC 04 Senior Champ Time TrialsNorthwestern U.7/16/2004
      2004 IL LC Senior ChampionshipsNorthwestern Univers7/16/2004
      2004 IL Hinsdale Midsummer ClassicHinsdale Town Pool7/9/2004
      2004 US Olympic TrialsLong Beach, CA7/7/2004
      2004 WI TimeTrial MeetSchroeder YMCA6/30/2004
      2004 PC CAB LCM OUT OF lsc 6/26/04SANTA CRUZ6/26/2004
      2004 IN Indiana University InvitationaCBAC6/25/2004
      2004 IL WCS Summer SplashUniveristy of Chicag6/25/2004
      2004 OZ Parkway Summer SizzlerQueeny Park Pool6/18/2004
      2004 IL Chicago Classic Chicago, Illinois5/29/2004
      2004 IL NAPV May Madness LCUIC5/22/2004
      2004 IN Boilermaker Aquatics Early BirBoilermaker Aquatics5/21/2004
      2004 IN Counsilman ClassicIU Natatorium - Indi4/2/2004
      2004 IL Illinois Age Group ChampCarthage College-Ken3/19/2004
      2004 IL Speedo Champions SeriesUniversity of Illino3/11/2004
      2004 IL WCS TT 3/5/2004
      2004 IL Swimming Senior ChampNorthwestern Univers3/5/2004
      2004 IL FOX A CHAMPSNeuqua Valley High S2/27/2004
      2004 ConocoPhillips NationalsOrlando, Florida2/10/2004
      2004 WI Schroeder YMCA A+Walter Schroeder Aqu1/30/2004
      2004 IL McDonald's OpenMarmion Academy1/9/2004
      2003 FG 1st Annual FGC Sprint ChampsFort Lauderdale Aqua12/20/2003
      2003 IL Wayne Hummer Mid-Season ChalleChicago, Illinois12/5/2003
      2003 US OpenFederal Way, Wash.12/4/2003
      2003 IL HSC Fall ClasicHinsdale Central11/22/2003
      2003 IL Girls IHSA State MeetWinnetka11/21/2003
      2003 IN Carmel Fall Frenzy 03IU Natatorium, India11/7/2003
      2003 IN Carmel Fall Frenzy IU Natatorium, India11/7/2003
      2003 IL NAPV Fall Kick-OffNeuqua Valley HS10/24/2003
      2003 IN Central Zone ChampionshipIU Natatorium - Indi8/7/2003
      2003 ConocoPhillips NationalsCollege Park, Md.8/5/2003
      2003 ConocoPhillips Nationals TTCollege Park, Maryla8/5/2003
      2003 IL Illinois Age Group ChampionshiUniversity of Illino8/1/2003
      2003 MN TWIN Long Course Speedo ChampiUniversity of Minnes7/24/2003
      2003 World ChampionshipsBarcelona, Spain7/20/2003
      2003 World ChampsBarcelona7/20/2003
      2003 IL Senior ChampionshipsNorthwestern Univers7/18/2003
      2003 CA JANET EVANS INV 0703LOS ANGELES7/10/2003
      2003 OZ Parkway Summer SizzlerSt. Louis, MO6/20/2003
      2003 NC Charlotte UltraSwimCharlotte, NC6/5/2003
      2003 AZ FORD Southwest InvitationalUniv. of Arizona Hil6/5/2003
      2003 MI Domino's Swim ClassicAnn Arbor, MI5/16/2003
      2003 Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool Indiana University N4/6/2003
      2003 IL Age Group ChampionshiUniversity of Illino3/21/2003
      2003 Women's NCAA ChampsNot Entered3/20/2003
      2003 MN TWIN Speedo SectionalsUniversity of Minnes3/13/2003
      2003 NE 9-12 Age Group ChampsSalem State College2/27/2003
      2003 WI Schroeder YNot Entered2/7/2003
      2002 IL Mid-season ChallNot Entered12/6/2002
      Georgia InvitatiNot Entered12/6/2002
      2002 US University of Texas InvitNot Entered12/5/2002
      2002 U.S. Open ChampionshipsMinneapolis, MN12/5/2002
      2002 US OpenMinneapolis, Minneso12/5/2002
      2002 IL Ihsa Girls StateNot Entered11/22/2002
      2002 US Pan Pacifics ChampsYokahama, JPN8/24/2002
      2002 US Phillips 66 NationalsFort Lauderdale, FL8/12/2002
      2002 US Central ZonNot Entered8/9/2002
      2002 IL Central Zone ChampionshipWichita, KS8/9/2002
      Illinois Age GroNot Entered8/2/2002
      2002 Summer SectNot Entered7/25/2002
      2002 Speedo ChamNot Entered7/25/2002
      Illinois Lc SwimNot Entered7/19/2002
      2002 Janet Evans InvitationalLos Angeles, CA7/18/2002
      2002 US Charlotte UltraSwimCharlotte, NC6/6/2002
      2002 US Domino's Swim ClassicAnn Arbor, MI5/17/2002
      Illinois SwimminNot Entered3/15/2002
      2002 US Speedo ChampionsNot Entered3/7/2002
      Illinois Short CNot Entered3/1/2002
      2002 US A+ Not Entered2/1/2002
      2002 US 19th Annual CircNot Entered1/25/2002
      2002 US Mid-statesNot Entered1/12/2002
      Us OpenNot Entered11/29/2001
      2001 US World CupNot Entered11/27/2001
      2001 US Ihsa GirlsNot Entered11/16/2001
      2001 US Central Zone ChaNot Entered8/10/2001
      Illinois Age GroNot Entered8/3/2001
      2001 US Speedo ChamNot Entered7/26/2001
      2001 World ChampionshipsFukuoka, JPN7/22/2001
      2001 US Charlotte UltraSwimCharlotte, NC6/7/2001
      2001 US Domino's Swim ClassicAnn Arbor, MI5/18/2001
      2001 Spring NationalsAustin, TX3/27/2001
      2001 US Speedo ChampNot Entered3/8/2001
      2001 US Il Sr ChampNot Entered3/3/2001
      2001 US A PlusNot Entered2/2/2001
      2001 US 18th Annual InvitNot Entered1/26/2001
      Mid States QuadNot Entered1/13/2001
      Ut InvNot Entered12/1/2000
      Hs StateNot Entered11/17/2000
      2000 US 10th Annual PentNot Entered10/14/2000
      2000 US Olympic TrialsNot Entered8/9/2000
      2000 US Top 16Not Entered8/2/2000
      2000 Janet Evans InvitationalLos Angeles, CA7/13/2000
      JeiNot Entered7/13/2000
      2000 US Charlotte UltraSwimCharlotte, NC6/15/2000
      2000 US Cadillac ChallengeAnn Arbor, MI5/26/2000
      2000 US NatNot Entered3/28/2000
      2000 US NationalsFederal Way, WA3/28/2000
      JunNot Entered3/25/2000
      2000 US Speedo Junior ChNot Entered3/21/2000
      2000 US Sr ChampNot Entered3/3/2000
      Hs StateNot Entered2/25/2000
      2000 Duel Invite 1/1/2000
      1999 U.S. OPENSan Antonio, TX12/2/1999
      1999 US OpenSan Antonio, TX12/2/1999
      Hs StateNot Entered11/19/1999
      Minn InvNot Entered11/19/1999
      1999 US NatNot Entered8/7/1999
      Usa NationalsNot Entered8/6/1999
      Junior SoutheastNot Entered7/27/1999
      Junior Champs BaNot Entered7/27/1999
      1999 US BarcelonaNot Entered6/4/1999
      JunNot Entered3/16/1999
      1999 US Sr StateNot Entered3/5/1999
      Il JoNot Entered3/5/1999
      IsiNot Entered3/5/1999
      1999 US Sr MeetNot Entered3/5/1999
      1999 US Boys StateNot Entered2/26/1999
      1998 US World Cup 1Not Entered11/20/1998
      Girls Hs StateNot Entered11/20/1998
      Hs StateNot Entered11/20/1998
      1998 US Swim Meet Of ChaNot Entered11/13/1998
      1998 US NatNot Entered8/11/1998
      1998 US Summer NationalsNot Entered8/11/1998
      1998 US Sum NationalsNot Entered8/11/1998
      1998 US NationalsNot Entered4/1/1998
      JunNot Entered3/28/1998
      1998 US Speedo Jr. ChampNot Entered3/24/1998
      1998 US Sr ChampNot Entered3/13/1998
      Hs StateNot Entered2/27/1998
      1998 US Sst AtNot Entered2/6/1998
      Ut InvNot Entered12/5/1997
      U.s. OpenNot Entered12/4/1997
      Jr West Champ 97Not Entered8/5/1997
      1997 Speedo Junior NationalsNot Entered8/5/1997
      1997 US Sum Sr Nat'97Not Entered7/26/1997
      1997 US Sen ChampNot Entered7/25/1997
      1997 US Sr Champ 97 SumNot Entered7/25/1997
      Jun ChampNot Entered3/19/1997
      1997 US Speedo Jr. ChampNot Entered3/18/1997
      Jrs SoutheastNot Entered3/18/1997
      1997 US Sr StateNot Entered3/7/1997
      1997 US Sr ChampNot Entered3/7/1997
      Hs StateNot Entered2/28/1997
      PHILLIPS 66 NATIONAL 2/12/1997
      1997US Sst AtNot Entered1/31/1997
      1994 U.S. OPEN 12/1/1994
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