Athlete Governance

USA Swimming Athlete Committee

Athletes Committee Logo. (Medium)As the National Governing Body for the sport, USA Swimming is responsible for the conduct and administration of swimming in the United States. In accordance with The Amateur Sports Act, not less than 20% of the voting power comes from Athlete Representation. Athlete representation, in the form of the Athlete's Committee covers a broad cross section of the USA Swimming membership, from LSC level athletes, to National Team Members.

USA Swimming is always looking for new and vocal athlete leaders within the membership. Athlete representative positions typically start at the LSC level allowing athlete-leaders 14 and over to sit on the LSC Board of Directors. You can either be elected through various ways set forth by the LSC or appointed to a position by the LSC’s General Chair. Contact your chair to find out how to get involved.

Beyond the LSC, representatives are expected to attend the yearly USAS (United States Aquatics Sports) Convention. The event is held over the course of a few days every September at a location that rotates within the United States. At this event that you will meet representatives from across the country as well as be brought up to speed with the AEC (Athlete Executive Committee). After attending two conventions you will be eligible to run for national committees including the AEC. It is here that you have the potential to work with the leaders of the organization and National Team members.

In the documents following you will find our Athlete Newsletter which provides updates on initiatives and happenings within the Athletes’ Committees. You will also find useful information concerning the fine lines of our operations and teaching materials for how to be a more functional representative.

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to email AEC Chair, Kelley Otto. 

For the most up to date AEC news please follow us on Twitter! @USASwimming_AEC.

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