Club Leadership and Business Management School 101

Updated Requirement for new clubS

USA Swimming has launched a new online course called Club Leadership and Business Management School 101. As of June 15, 2014, new clubs are required to have a minimum of two team representatives complete this online
course as part of the new club application process. As approved by the USA Swimming Board of Directors in May, 2014 the following team representatives must complete the 101 online course and submit certificates of completion.

  • Non-Profit Organizations – Head Coach and Club President (or President’s designee)
  • Institutionally-Owned Clubs – Head Coach and his/her supervisor (or supervisor’s designee).
  • Privately or Coach-Owned Clubs – Head Coach and Owner. If Head Coach is the owner, 2nd participant is designated by the Head Coach.

Register here for the online course and print a completion certificate at the end of the course.


The 101 online course takes about one hour to complete and is free of charge to all participants. All club leaders of new and existing clubs are encouraged to take advantage of this educational opportunity.

Note that prior to the second year of club registration, club representatives are still required to attend an in-person CLBMS, now called CLBMS 201. Find a 201 course here.

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