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Trials Event Guide illustration. (small)Whether you're an athlete competing at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials -- Swimming, or a spectator coming to watch the meet, the event guide is your one-stop shop for event information. 

Heat Sheets

Sunday, July 3 Finals   

Apparel Rules Update

**Update Regarding Apparel and Equipment Identification**

Dear USA Swimming Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Athlete Agents & Swimsuit Manufacturers, 


During the June 25 Technical Meeting at the U.S. Olympic Trials, it was brought to the attention of the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Swimming that some apparel issued for teams may not comply with the Jan. 14, 2016, logo guidelines issued by the USOC. The guidelines allow the following on apparel:  

• Clothing: One identification of the manufacturer per clothing item will be permitted, when worn, to a maximum size of 30 cm². One additional product technology identification will be permitted per clothing item, to a maximum size of 10 cm². 

The rule above does not accommodate for additional design elements or marks that represent the brand logo on clothing beyond the one logo. 

Due to the timing of this notification and to reduce undue stress on athletes, this rule will be enforced starting with preliminary heats on Monday, June 27.

Please share with all athletes and teams. A copy of the full, original letter is attached. 

USA Swimming & U.S. Olympic Committee

For Athletes/Coaches: Credential Process

The Trials Credential Process is Open

Each team should designate one person as its Point of Contact (POC) to be responsible for inputting the credential information for each athlete, coach, or team support member. All credentials for the Trials will require photos. Teams are encouraged to start the process early and to submit credential information for qualified athletes, as well as any athletes that are likely to qualify. To start the process the designated team POC should complete this form.

Hotels, Tickets, Etc.

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