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This page provides education on the SWIMS 3.0 database, an overview of the connection process to access the database, and the terms vendors must agree to before accessing the database APIs. 
SWIMS 3.0: 3rd Party Vendor Demos - API Documentation
6:55MAY 16, 2022
SWIMS 3.0: 3rd Party Vendor Demos - Vendor User Flows
2:20MAY 16, 2022
SWIMS 3.0: 3rd Party Vendor Demos - Online Member Registration
8:28MAY 16, 2022
SWIMS 3.0: 3rd Party Vendors - SWIMS 3.0 Why
18:32MAY 16, 2022

Communication Archive

Catch up on previous communications sent to USA Swimming 3rd party vendors

USA Swimming Active Hy-Tek Teams,

On Thursday, September 1, 2022 USA Swimming will launch the new SWIMS database and Online Member Registration (OMR). As part of the new registration process, most team management software providers will offer an integration with USA Swimming’s OMR. Unfortunately, Active Hy-Tek chose to pass on the opportunity to integrate with SWIMS and will not offer an integration for clubs using their Team Manager platform.

Although an integration will not be available, USA Swimming's SWIMS database will offer clubs the opportunity to export their rosters in a format that can be imported into Team Manager. Without an integration, rosters in Team Manager will not update automatically with changes to the SWIMS database. The export and import process will need to be performed periodically to ensure your Team Manager roster is consistent with your USA Swimming club roster in SWIMS.

Without an integration, Team Manager will not be available as a selection in the “Activate Vendor” tab of your Club Portal. You can continue to use Team Manager as your team management software provider. This is simply an alert that Team Manager will not automatically sync with the USA Swimming SWIMS database and will not be available for activation as a vendor in the Club Portal.

For additional team management integration information, please visit the team management section of the SWIMS Resource Hub.

Team Manager questions should be sent directly to Active Hy-Tek.

Thank you,

USA Swimming

USA Swimming Member Clubs,

To address questions surrounding the integration of Team Unify products with USA Swimming's new Online Member Registration (OMR), Team Unify created a webinar highlighting important aspects of the Team Unify-OMR integration.

The webinar can be viewed on the SWIMS Resource Hub or directly on YouTube.

For questions on the webinar or Team Unify products please reach out to Support@teamunify.com.

Additional Online Member Registration and SWIMS database resources can always be found on the SWIMS Resource Hub, and all SWIMS questions can be directed to: support@usaswimming.org.


USA Swimming

USA Swimming & TeamUnify System Notice,

As we approach the launch of USA Swimming’s new Online Member Registration (OMR), we have an important update regarding the compatibility of TeamUnify products. Only the newest version of TeamUnify products will be optimally compatible with the OMR integration. If you are running an older version of a TeamUnify site, your team’s website must be upgraded no later than September 1st, 2022. This upgrade will ensure optimal performance between your TeamUnify website and the new USA Swimming OMR process. Failure to upgrade your site will result in decreased performance with the new USA Swimming OMR process.

Completing the upgrade is completely free and only takes a few minutes. Click here to watch how quickly you can make this update.

Upgrade now in 3 easy steps:

  1. Start the process
  2. Customize your site
  3. Go live

The TeamUnify support team is available for any questions about upgrading. Please do not hesitate to click the "Need Help?" button in your TeamUnify site for assistance.

Thank you,

USA Swimming

Without everyone in attendance for the zoom review, we recorded four videos to send out to all team management vendors.

The first video explains why USA Swimming is taking on this SWIMS 3.0/Online Member Registration initiative and provides some background into our thought process. The second video does three walkthroughs of the new Online Member Registration, explaining the dynamic logic within the application. The third video talks through the three main user flows for third party team management vendors. The fourth video talks through the API documentation.

Why - https://youtu.be/SdERMUlSaD8

OMR - https://youtu.be/U0ZYjOkcHgg

Vendor User Flows - https://youtu.be/QBKteANz1tI

API Documentation - https://youtu.be/Ro8VoFcu7sA

Once you watch the videos, please reach out with any questions.


USA Swimming

As a registered third-party vendor using USA Swimming OMS API’s, we are reaching out to inform you of changes to the USA Swimming registration process and the OMS API’s for the 2023 season.

Recently, USA Swimming has made several technology decisions that will impact processes from member and club registration to meet sanctioning and meet result uploads. We are finishing the process of re-building/re-architecting our membership and times database to accommodate the many improvements we are making to our SWIMS software applications . Most importantly, we have finished the development of a new centralized online member registration form that will be required for USA Swimming member registrations starting in September.

As a result, former OMS APIs will no longer be functional starting in the new membership year (September 1).

Since clubs will continue to utilize team management software for their roster management, we have updated API documentation that explains the new registration process: https://thirdparty-api-documentation.swimsmember.org/#general-api. This documentation is close to final, but there may be minor adjustments to the current drafts. USA Swimming is working to improve its data quality and will provide the ability for a vendor to subscribe to various events that occur in the USA Swimming software (i.e. A member registered). We are also providing four different GET API’s for third-party vendors to call, ensuring team management roster information remains in sync with USA Swimming member information.

Thank you,

USA Swimming

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