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Report of Occurrence



When there is an injury or medical incident at a USA Swimming activity, a Report of Occurrence (ROO) must be completed. This applies to incidents involving USA Swimming members and non-members. The report should be completed as soon as possible, at least within 24 hours after the occurrence.


If the occurrence involves serious injury (example: fatality, multiple individuals, life-threatening event), please notify your Team Services member or USA Swimming at 719-217-4796.

Who should complete the ROO?


At a USA Swimming activity, there needs to be a designated individual who is assigned the responsibility of completing a Report of Occurrence.

Type of ActivityWho Should Complete ROO
Swim MeetsDesignated reporter examples: meet referee, meet director, meet operational risk director
Team EventsDesignated reporter examples: coaches, team administrators


Note: A parent or injured party should NOT submit the form

Complete the Report of Occurrence


Claim Process and Additional Reporing


Upon submission, you will receive an automated email indicating that USA Swimming has received the form. This email can be printed or saved to a file for record keeping. PLEASE FORWARD A COPY OF THIS EMAILED REPORT TO the Operational Risk Chair for your LSC.


If a USA Swimming member was injured and received medical care, they will receive a follow up email regarding the process for submitting a claim to USA Swimming’s Participant Accident insurance. For information on this coverage, please click here for USA Swimming’s insurance site.

Swim Meet Reporting


If you are a swim meet designated reporter and unable to report online during the competition, you may print a draft paper copy. During the swim meet, document the incident detail on paper. You must then submit the information to the online link above within 24 hours of the incident. 



If you have questions about completing the Report of Occurrence, please email

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