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Monday, March 27, 2017

Officials Excellence Award

This award is given every two months to honor an outstanding LSC official for their contributions to local swimming. The award is sponsored by Swimming World magazine and Hasty Awards.

You can nominate an outstanding official in your LSC by submitting the form referenced below through your LSC Officials Chair. Contact your LSC Officials Chair if you think there is someone in your LSC who is deserving of this recognition.

Recipients of the OFFICIALS Excellence Award


Cathy Foy - Alaska Swimming
Andrew Olson - Wisconsin Swimming
Allan Golding - Florida Gold Coast Swimming
Rebecca Binder - Minnesota Swimming


Dar Gerber - Hawaiian Swimming
Pam Birnbrich - Ohio Swimming
Michael Harbert - Wisconsin Swimming
James Stromski - Niagara Swimming
Jennifer McDougal - Central California Swimming
Cathy Vaughan - Utah Swimming


Mike Urbanowitz – Colorado Swimming
Cynthia Shannon – North Carolina Swimming
Scott Boggs – Florida Gold Coast Swimming
Bert Hewitt - Middle Atlantic Swimming
Krissy Glass - Arkansas Swimming
Jacqueline Jugenheimer - Wisconsin Swimming


George Mathes – Wyoming Swimming
Orlene Lockhart-Rykosky – Louisiana Swimming
Lexie Insogna – Sierra Nevada Swimming
Dean Scheeler – North Dakota Swimming
Craig Porter – Minnesota Swimming
Edie Mueller – South Dakota Swimming


Bill Fieger - Ohio Swimming
Jim Hanton - Minnesota Swimming
Lisa Vetterlein - Pacific Northwest Swimming
Marcelle Arakaki - Hawaiian Swimming
Linda Eaton - Colorado Swimming
Traci Johnson - North Texas Swimming


Wane Oviatt - Utah Swimming
Wayne Mastel - North Dakota Swimming
Carol Hammond - South Carolina Swimming
Niffey and Mark Carmody - Sierra Nevada Swimming
Dave Smith - Southeastern Swimming
Bill Repass - Connecticut Swimming


Mike Huffman - Connecticut Swimming
Lisa Jackson - North Carolina Swimming
Dana Covington - Sierra Nevada Swimming
Dave Coleman - Hawaiian Swimming
Wade Kojima - Mississippi Swimming
Jack Yetter - Illinois Swimming


Steve Lottes - Maryland Swimming
Mark Brown - Sierra Nevada Swimming
Terry Randolph - Virginia Swimming
Mike Hoffer - North Carolina Swimming
Ted Curley - Sierra Nevada Swimming
Julie Greenway - Oregon Swimming


Ken Galica - New England Swimming
Walter Smalley - Southeastern Swimming
Jack Campbell – Minnesota Swimming
Bill Houk - Ohio Swimming
George Behrens- Indiana Swimming
Kathleen Fish- Florida Gold Coast Swimming


Teri White – Pacific Northwest Swimming
Kathleen Morris Scandary – Colorado Swimming
Ron Zolno - South Texas Swimming
Ed Becker - Connecticut Swimming
Jim Patterson - Central California Swimming
Joanie Beisel - New England Swimming


Jeff Crain – West Virginia Swimming
Dick and Lucy Duncan – Indiana Swimming
George Geannon – Wisconsin Swimming
Linda Seckinger – Colorado Swimming
Jack Neill – Potomac Valley Swimming
Jayne Spittler – Illinois Swimming


Bill Fisher – Sierra Nevada Swimming
Melissa Hellervik-Bing – Florida Swimming
Herb Schwab - Gulf Swimming
Eddie Hughes - South Carolina Swimming
Bob Griffiths - Florida Swimming
Grady Steele - Florida Swimming


Kent Easty – South Carolina Swimming
George Bare – Lake Erie Swimming
Renee Patterson – Central California Swimming
Claire Gendron – Indiana Swimming
Corinne Cody – Metropolitan Swimming
Adam Zeichner – Florida Gold Coast Swimming


Marilyn Duman – Lake Erie Swimming
Jim Devine – Missouri Valley Swimming
Carolynn Burt – Utah Swimming
Kevin Russell – Arizona Swimming
Linda Sue Lottes – Maryland Swimming
Ed Miller – New Jersey Swimming


Tim Husson – Potomac Valley Swimming
Dan McAllen III – North Texas Swimming
Frank Swigon – South Texas Swimming
Stephanie Nadeau – Southeastern Swimming
Mary Kramer – Arizona Swimming
Jack Goltz – Florida Swimming


Paul Kemp – Midwestern Swimming
Sarah Levine – New Jersey Swimming
Jay Thomas – Florida Gold Coast Swimming
Douglas Glaeser – Southern California Swimming
Al Kurth – Ohio Swimming
Boots Hall – Potomac Valley Swimming


Dave Howard – Gulf Swimming
Janet Law – Virginia Swimming
Sherry King – Sierra Nevada Swimming
Paul Maker – New England Swimming
Steven Goldman – Florida Gold Coast Swimming
Ken Breiding – Pacific Northwest Swimming


Ohio Zone Team – Ohio Swimming
Bruce Derrick – Niagara Swimming
Lynette Chew – Hawaii Swimming
Dee Hollar (deceased) – South Texas Swimming
Sheryl Lepisto  – Maryland Swimming
Bob Ward – South Texas Swimming


Walt and Anneliese Eggert – Pacific Swimming
Mike Tchoukaleff – Ozark Swimming
Mary Scott Garrett – Virginia Swimming
Kim Crounse – Adirondack Swimming
Larry Johnson – Montana Swimming
Bryan Lawler – Iowa Swimming


John Mendell – New Jersey Swimming
Debra Fleisch – Utah Swimming
Clark Cooper – Connecticut Swimming
Ron Whalen – Potomac Valley Swimming
Priscilla Davis – New England Swimming
Ken Price – Sierra Nevada Swimming


Al Soltis – Florida Swimming
Lucy Duncan – Indiana Swimming
Sue Benson – South Dakota Swimming
Pat Risser – Sierra Nevada Swimming
John Julian – Central California Swimming
Julie Bare – Lake Erie Swimming


Richard Pockat – North Carolina Swimming
Scott Wilson – West Virginia Swimming
Paul Peacock – Gulf Swimming
David Coddington – Pacific Northwest Swimming
Mary Yoshida – Pacific Swimming
Charles Cooney, Jr – Niagara Swimming


Pamela Libertiny – Connecticut Swimming
John deBarbadillo – Allegheny Mountain Swimming
Andy Kelly – Niagara Swimming
George Cleveland – Pacific Swimming
Jim Steger – Ozark Swimming
Bill Rose – Sierra Nevada Swimming


Don Hart – Inland Empire Swimming
Bob Peterfish – Ohio Swimming
Marv MacMillan – Michigan Swimming
Hank Enterline – Oklahoma Swimming
Kathy Horne – Utah Swimming
Mary Anne Lustgraaf – North Dakota Swimming

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