Health Insurance for Coaches


Health Insurance for Coaches

USA Swimming is excited to announce a strategic partnership with US Equestrian to deliver access to quality healthcare insurance for USA Swimming coach members. This partnership includes access to a variety of insurances (health, vision, dental, life) as well as other corporate discounts.


Why the partnership with US Equestrian? US Equestrian generously made the benefits available to their Olympic partners and USA Swimming saw the opportunity to partner with an organization with a similar focus: providing first-in-class service to our members.


Below you will find links to presentations outlining program details, benefits information and more.  Any questions regarding the program can be directed to Juan Caraveo,



For questions regarding additional coverage plans/options or general questions, please call 1-800-349-1082



Enrollment Process

November 16-Dec 2
USA Swimming coach members commit to program through USA Swimming website.
December 5
USA Swimming staff e-mails US Equestrian coupon to committed USA Swimming coach.
Registration & Dues
USA Swimming member registers and pays $22.50 for US Equestrian Fan Membership through their website and receives member number.
Call to finish Enrollment
USA Swimming coach member calls third party call center at 1-800-349-1082 to purchase insurance NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 15th FOR COVERAGE TO BEING JANUARY 1, 2021.

Benefits Presentations

How Teams can offer Coach Health Insurance Webinar

USA Swimming and US Equestrian Staff review the coach benefits which will be available to USA Swimming coaches this fall.



Individual Insurance Coverage Webinar

USA Swimming and US Equestrian Staff discuss benefit plans available this fall and review strategies for teams to provide those benefits to their coaching staffs.



Program Overview: Quality Health Insurance for USA Swimming Coaches

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