August 03-07, 2021

Speedo Summer Championships

Event In Progress
August 03-07, 2021


Note: Results from the 2021 Speedo Summer Championships will be specific to each site.


Location Venue 
Irvine, CA  William Wollett Jr. Aquatics Center 
Greensboro, NC  Greensboro Aquatic Center 

Coaches please note that the decision was made that the order of heats in the finals sessions will be “D”, ”C”, “B”, and “A”, followed by relays.  Also, relay-only swimmers will be allowed to participate in time trials provided they are entered and participate in the meet.

UPDATE as of 7/28/2021: Finals at both sites will now be at 5:00PM.

Doping Control:

This event is subject to testing under USADA and FINA rules.

ALL ATHLETES are subject to testing. 

Please note that all minors must have a representative with them.

All World Records and Junior World Records must be tested. 

NCAA doping control rules are different than the rules for this meet. Please be sure all of your athletes have checked their meds with USADA and have seen the attached information.


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