Training Spotlight: An IM Workout from Coach Kim Brackin

Training Spotlight: An IM Workout from Coach Kim Brackin

By By Emily Sampl//Contributor  | Monday, May 6, 2019

This month’s workout feature comes from Kim Brackin, former head coach at the University of Texas and Auburn University. Brackin left the collegiate coaching ranks in 2012 to manage Brackin Elite Swim Training, where she works one-on-one with swimmers primarily in endless pools. This IM set is intended for pre-high school/age group swimmers.


Warm up:

12 x 75s as:

4 as 50 swim/25 kick, descend

4 as 25 swim/50 kick, descend 

4 as 75 kick, descend 


16 x 25's drill – 4 of each stroke

Fly: w/ fins and flutter kick (work on a low, forward stroke)

Back: 2 double arm/2 right arm/2 left arm (bring the angle at elbow during double arm into the 1 arm strokes)

Breast: double pull-outs into breaststroke with flutter kick (fast hands, elbows and shoulders forward)

Free: 12.5 short dog scull into 12.5 swim (work on an early and high catch)


16 x 25's (reverse IM order)


Reverse build

All easy

All fast 



4 x 150's as 25 fly/50 back/50 breast/25 free (great technique and focus on the transition between strokes - build the first three cycles of each stroke off the wall) Start with an interval where the group will get about :20-:25 rest, decrease by :05 each round 


4 x 50 descend time but try to maintain stroke count as close as possible

(Great opportunity for IMers to work their fourth best stroke – important to train your weakness. Non IMers could do their second best stroke)

100 smooth


750 as 100 choice swim or pull/50 non-prime kick (maintain great distance per stroke on each 100; focus on finding ways to increase speed and minimize resistance on your kick)


12 x 25's 

Odds: back with a nose clip (because I think everyone should use one!) – 8 dolphin kicks off the wall into a racing breakout

Even: big, smooth freestyle (I love finishing with a little speed and focus on racing skills when they are tired)


200 loosen as 25 choice drill/25 swim





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