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Monday, February 20, 2017

Volunteering in USA Swimming

Volunteering in USA Swimming

A volunteer is a person who is willing to help perform any one of the necessary jobs in USA Swimming and your club. Your role as a volunteer is important to our sport. You can be actively involved in your child's swimming program and can also be instrumental in strengthening swimming in the United States. With a positive attitude and a willingness to lend a hand, you will also have a great impact on your child's athletic environment, and love of swimming.

There are unlimited opportunities to get involved to help in almost any capacity. The rewards are meeting new people, making new friends and having that great feeling that you have helped one of the organizations in which volunteers are the most important people.

Give volunteering a try. Any contribution you can make will be appreciated. Ask the coach of your team what you can do to help. If your club has a booster organization, find out how to join.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Hospitality or Social Chairman. Social events are a fun part of every team. Pool parties, Halloween costume contests, and Christmas caroling all serve to bond a team together. If you like to organize such functions this maybe the job for you.Moms make great volunteers
  • Fund Raiser. Raising funds is a priority of every swim program. It could involve anything from a bake sale to landing a sponsor for your club. If you have the gift of gab, this might be your area.
  • Public Relations. Promotions within the club and community are important to every team. Those volunteers skilled at public speaking or writing can be useful in this area.
  • Data Processing or Clerical. This area may include billing, meet entries, accounts payable, accounts receivable, team newsletters, meet results. All of this can be done on the computer. If you possess computer skills, you could be an essential part in the management of your club.
  • Snack Bar. The snack bar at any swim meet can generate tremendous income, especially if items to be sold are donated by the parents or local businesses. Baked goods, fruit and other goodies tend to be very popular.
  • Board Member. At the club level volunteers are needed to serve on club board of directors, or booster clubs. The most experienced volunteers are needed here. USA Swimming offers a free online course for all board members as an introduction to good swim team governance.
  • Team Representative. Serve as the club representative or take on another volunteer role within your LSC (Local Swimming Committee).

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