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Monday, April 17, 2017

USA Swimming Signs Nexcare™ Brand from 3M as Official Supplier and Presenting Sponsor of SwimJitsu

USA Swimming Signs Nexcare™ Brand from 3M as Official Supplier and Presenting Sponsor of SwimJitsu

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – USA Swimming has joined with Nexcare™ Brand from 3M to become the first-ever presenting sponsor of SwimJitsu, the mash-up of in-water obstacle course and swimming skills. Along with the entitlement, Nexcare™ becomes the official supplier of bandages for USA Swimming and will offer an extensive sampling program for the organization’s 400,000 members.

This partnership marks the first-ever with an Olympic national governing body for the Minneapolis-based company.

Known for its exceptional waterproof bandages, first aid tapes and dressings, Nexcare™ Brand offers the ideal products for swimmers, allowing them to heal and still be in the pool to train or compete. Products will be provided at meets for athletes, coaches, officials and fans. Every SwimJitsu participant receives Nexcare samples and special offers while the SwimJitsu hosts receive a stocked First Aid kit for their use.

“We are thrilled to partner with USA Swimming and get our products into the hands of these amazing athletes, coaches and fans,” said Martha Bennett, global business director, consumer health care division, 3M. “Our waterproof bandages provide 360-degree protection from water, dirt and germs and help prevent infection to get those swimmers back in the pool to compete.”

The SwimJitsu presented by Nexcare™ Brand series will feature a new logo for the 40-plus events (schedule below) held in 2017. The season opened on Saturday, April 8, in Edmond, Oklahoma.  SwimJitsu participants, also known as “swimjas,” push through the course to complete entertaining obstacles such as balancing across beams, swimming through trenches and cannonballing off the top of Mt. Swimja. SwimJitsu is fun for participants of all ages and skill, even those just beginning their swimming journey.

A weekly digital content series will highlight how children enjoy swimming and overcome challenges to succeed. Look for #FaceplantFriday segments from SwimJitsu events on USA Swimming social media channels, tips on how to become a “Swimja Master” in Splash Magazine and more.

“Interest in SwimJitsu has taken off, leading us to expand with three additional courses, offer a variety of options so more hosts can pick a model that works in their communities and bring interest from corporate partners like Nexcare™,” said Jim Fox, USA Swimming Director of Marketing. “It was exciting to see how the Nexcare™ Brand was immediately drawn to SwimJitsu as a fun, new approach to present the sport of swimming. Our partnership, with a company that sees the valuable connection to our family-focused environment, fills an open category for USA Swimming.”

The current SwimJitsu schedule has these locations for 2017, with more being added to the schedule on a weekly basis:

  • April 8: Edmond, OK
  • April 13: Phoenix, AZ (Private event)
  • April 23: Columbus, OH  
  • April 29: Erie, PA
  • April 29-30: Tempe, AZ
  • May 20: Pittsburgh, PA
  • May 20: Washington D.C.  
  • June 4: Camarillo, CA
  • June 10: Kansas City, MO 
  • June 10: Hillsboro, OR
  • June 17: Wichita, KS
  • June 17: Fife, WA
  • June 20: Mt. Kisco, NY
  • Aug. 5: Colorado Springs, CO  
  • Aug. 12-13: Stafford, VA
  • Aug. 19: Cleveland, OH  
  • Sept. 9-10: Cypress, TX
  • Sept. 24: Hightstown, NJ

In addition to the sampling at SwimJitsu events and digital content, Nexcare™ will receive brand integration in all aspects of SwimJitsu promotions, social media campaigns and on-site signage.

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