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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No More "Sink" Snacking

No More "Sink" Snacking

Introducing #SwimFasterFood!

Swim Faster Food is your guide to healthy, tasty, convenient and affordable snacks that will keep our swimmers fueled and able to perform at their best.

Stay Clear of Sink Snacks. “Sink snacks” are any snacks that are low in nutrients and high in fat.


Why: Fat is important for the body, but the type in junk food sits in your stomach, keeping energy from getting to your muscles. This leaves you sluggish and maybe with a belly ache. Whether swimming a 50 or 1500, these foods won’t have you feeling your best for a strong finish.


Examples of Sink Snacks


Potato Chips – Made of mostly fat, eating chips before a race may make you feel sicker, not quicker.


Candy Bars – After the sugar high, they’re more like sugar crash and burn bars.


Donuts – When you try fuel with fried food, you’ll only hope to make it from flip turn to finish.

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