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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Club Development Managing Director Pat Hogan Resigns

Club Development Managing Director Pat Hogan Resigns

USA Swimming today announced the resignation of Club Development Managing Director Pat Hogan.

Hogan served in the role from 2003 to 2018. He was responsible for overseeing a comprehensive effort to support and strengthen the club system in the USA, including a significant expansion of field services to member clubs and coaches, creation of a Facilities Development Department, as well as the establishment of several creative recognition and education programs targeted at clubs and coaches. During this period, USA Swimming membership has grown 24% and athlete and coach retention rates are at all-time highs.

“Since the creation of the Club Development division, it has provided service to every club in the country from large to small through education, recognition programs, organizational consulting, performance consulting, camps and more,” USA Swimming CEO and President Tim Hinchey said. “Pat’s work in building the programs and services within this division will continue to be a key part of our future as an organization.”

Pat Hogan has provided the following resignation statement:

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