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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Olympians Lead Swim Clinic in Boston

Olympians Lead Swim Clinic in Boston

Olympic medalists Cullen Jones and Elizabeth Beisel helped members of the Boston Celtics kick off their swimming education by presenting players with swim caps and goggles, as well as leading a swim clinic in the Boston area. Celtics rookie Grant Williams participated in the swim clinic led by Jones, Beisel, as well as US Masters Swimming instructor Sue Jensen, along with members of the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club.

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Williams has committed to continuing his swimming education. Prior to the clinic he could only doggie paddle, but he finished the day by swimming the length of the 25-yard pool with the members of the Boys and Girls Club.

“I learned how to use my arms and legs, and how to breathe today,” Williams said after the clinic. “I was pretty nervous, but over time I think I’ll continue to learn and could actually move through the water pretty well. I can make it down the length of the whole pool so now I can talk trash to my teammates, my brothers - my whole family because they can’t do that! I learned how to swim freestyle and that’s pretty dope. It’s a great workout so I’m super exhausted – I don’t know how (Jones and Beisel) can do it so many times. I’m pretty stoked. I can’t stop smiling.”

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