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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Third Milestone Achieved in USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Club Recognition LSC Incentive

Third Milestone Achieved in USA Swimming’s  Safe Sport Club Recognition LSC Incentive

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – USA Swimming announced today that three Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) qualified to receive the third-level incentive in USA Swimming’s latest Safe Sport Club Recognition initiative. In each of these LSCs, at least 75% of clubs within their geographic territory have achieved Safe Sport Club Recognition as of July 15, 2021*. 

As USA Swimming member clubs continue to trend upward on becoming Safe Sport Recognized, the USA Swimming Board of Directors took an extra step to incentivize LSCs. Announced earlier this year, the working group approved a series of graduated incentives for LSCs with certain percentages of clubs within their geographic territories who achieve Safe Sport Club Recognition. 

USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Club Recognition program recognizes USA Swimming member clubs who go above and beyond standard Safe Sport requirements, demonstrating their commitment to creating a healthy and positive environment free from abuse for all its members. This voluntary, no-cost program is available to all USA Swimming member clubs and focuses on four key areas: Business/Organizational Success; Parent/Volunteer Empowerment; Coach Education and Development; and Athlete Education and Development. The process for receiving Safe Sport Club Recognition requires all USA Swimming member clubs to complete point-based criteria, which varies depending on if the club is owned by a coach, institution or parent-board. Once the club has submitted its application online, USA Swimming Safe Sport staff reviews for approval or denial. If a club is denied, they are provided feedback in order to help with resubmittal. 

LSCs reaching this third milestone will receive $2,500 and a $400 Match-Up Promotions coupon code. 
LSCs are strongly encouraged to use incentives for programs directly benefitting athletes (e.g., the 
athlete travel fund, athlete summits, camps and/or grant programs, etc.) and to purchase USA 
Swimming Safe Sport-branded items.

The following LSCs qualified to receive the incentive as of the July 15, 2021, deadline:
• Iowa Swimming
• Maine Swimming
• Maryland Swimming

USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Club Recognition program helps increase accountability and supervision to mitigate risky situations, including situations where people in positions of power have privacy, access and control over minors. By incorporating Safe Sport Club Recognition into a club’s culture, it helps provide an atmosphere which allows athletes to feel safe while still having fun.

*Seasonal USA Swimming Registered Clubs are not included in calculating the total number of clubs 
within an LSC achieving Safe Sport Club Recognition. However, a seasonal club within an LSC achieving Safe Sport Club Recognition will count towards the LSC required percentage to the benefit of the LSC.

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