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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

U.S. Swimming Team and Individual Medal Table at #FINAAbuDhabi2021

U.S. Swimming Team and Individual Medal Table at #FINAAbuDhabi2021

As FINA World Championships (25m) competition in Abu Dhabi heats up, check back here to see where the U.S. Swimming Team stands in its and individual medal count.

Here is where the medals stand at the conclusion of the 2021 FINA World Championships (25m):  

  Gold  Silver  Bronze  Total 
Team USA  12  30 

*U.S. Athlete Medal Table:
Athlete  Gold  Silver  Bronze  Total 
Nic Fink 
Katharine Berkoff 
Shaine Casas 
Ryan Held 
Abbey Weitzeil 
Claire Curzan 
Kate Douglass 
Torri Huske  2 -- 
Trenton Julian  -- 
Zach Apple 
Carson Foster 
Will Licon 
Hunter Tapp 
Emily Escobedo  -- 
Rhyan White  -- 
Tom Shields  -- 
Paige Madden  -- 
Melanie Margalis  -- 
Zach Harting  --  --
Tom Shields --  -- 
Kieran Smith  --  -- 
Charlotte Hook  --  -- 
Lydia Jacoby  --  -- 
Emma Weyant  --  -- 
Isabelle Stadden --  -- 

*Medal count includes prelim swims in relay events.

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