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Sexual, physical and emotional abuse have no place in our sport. A great way to prevent any kind of abuse is to simply talk- have the conversation. Talk about the kind of culture you have or want to have on your team. Talk about behaviors that are acceptable and not acceptable, and what steps someone should take to stop the inappropriate behavior and get help from a trusted adult.


Sparking meaningful conversations across the country, our sport, and in our clubs can strengthen values and open productive communication channels. We have the tools to help you have the discussion.


Coaches conduct a brief weekly (or monthly if that works better) conversation with athletes using the Safe Sport CBIM Cards or Athletes as Leaders scenarios. The full curriculum are printable for free below. CBIM’s curriculum is meant for male coaches to do with their male identified athletes 12+, and Athletes as Leaders curriculum is meant for female coaches or team mentors to do with their female identified athletes 12+.


Both curriculum provide all the language and questions to ask your swimmers. There are discussion points and wrap up notes to every scenario that will also assist you in your conversations.


Athletes as Leaders requires that you or your athletes have access to watch videos on the internet. This is easily done by having them watch on their phones.


Celebrate the completion of the programs by doing a joint pledge day with all the athletes together. Honor the commitment your athletes and coaching staff gave throughout the completion of the program.


Once you've completed the programs, you can still have valuable conversations.

  • Revisit specific scenarios if a break in culture occurs on your team.

  • Have older athletes lead conversations, which promotes leadership and buy in.

  • As the team changes, athletes graduate, get older and mature, or new athletes join, start the program over. Conversations change as our teams change and evolve.

  • If you are looking for scenarios to use with your younger athletes, reference any of our past Safe Sport Monday scenario’s above or use the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s age specific training which you can access at
For more information, visit:

Coaching Boys Into Men


Athletes at Leaders


If you have questions about how to apply these scenario-based programs to your swim team, please contact USA Swimming Safe Sport staff.

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