Applications to Officiate at national championship meets

Below are the links to online application forms to officiate at USA Swimming National Championship meets. Applications are generally posted 180 days out. 3-star and above meets will generally close at about 120 days out unless there have not been enough applications received to fully staff the meet.

If you do not see a meet listed, either the application for that meet has closed or it has not yet been posted (for meets in the far future). Please check back for updates to the available applications.

Acceptance/non-acceptance letters will be e-mailed shortly after the application closure date and after assigned team has been selected and notified.

MEET SERIES (Summer or Winter Nationals/Jrs, Futures) - there is now only one application to cover the meets in the series. So there is one application for Nationals and Junior Nationals and one application for all locations of the Futures. You will be able to select a meet/location preference when you complete the application. 

Please indicate the ONE meet in the series you prefer to be selected for. If you have no preference, are willing to work any of the meets in the series, or have no preference, but can only work one of them (for meets scheduled back to back weeks), please indicate these preferences accordingly. This does not guarantee you will be selected for the meet you prefer, but it helps the reviewing committee in making selections.

  • Example 1 - Summer Nationals/Jr Nationals. You are willing to work at Nationals and Jr Nationals. You prefer to be selected for Nationals. Submit the application and indicate "Nationals" as your preferred meet.
  • Example 2 - Summer Nationals/Jr Nationals. You are willing to work at Nationals or Jr Nationals but due to work obligations, you can only work at one of the two. Submit the application and indicate "can only do one" as the preferred meet.
  • Example 3 - Futures. You are willing to work at any of the Futures but your prefer to be selected for Greensboro. Submit the application and indicate "Greensboro" as the preferred meet.

Before you continue to the application, please make sure you are logged in with your OWN website account and not a spouse's (or other person's) account.

You will notice a feature called "Save and Submit Later."  If you are interrupted when filling out the application, or are unsure of your availability, you may click this link and return to your saved form to finish at a later date. Note that your application will not be considered until you click "Submit". Once your form is submitted and accepted by the system, you will not be able to access the application again, so be sure you have entered everything as you want it.

When the form is complete and you click "Submit", you will receive an email confirmation receipt. Make sure you put your correct email address on the application form.

If you encounter any difficulty or have any questions, contact Gina Mensay.

Applications to Officiate

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