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Institution Owned Club

There are many places in the United States where the swim team is one of the programs offered by the owner or operator of a swimming facility. These entities typically include universities or colleges, YMCAs or YWCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, park and recreation departments, and private schools or school districts. In most cases, revenue, in the form of team dues or program fees, is collected by the institution. Team coaches are employees of the entity that owns/operates the pool. Institution owned swim teams are often assisted by booster clubs or volunteer parent organizations who provide volunteer assistance and additional financial support for the team.





Institution owned teams have a need for volunteers the same as any other swim club model.   
Establishing a Booster Club





You can take the Club Leadership and Business Management School online 101 course, and/or plan to attend a Club Leadership and Business Management School 201 in-person course when it is offered in your area.

  • In start-up situations, less financial risk incurred by swim team and its organizers.
  • Due to affiliation with pool owner, usually (but not always) low-cost access to pool facility.
  • Coaches are employees of school or YMCA and, as such, enjoy employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Booster club can be a 501(c)(3) for club fundraising purposes.
  • Vision and philosophy of program often dictated by pool owner/operator, not by swim team leaders (in some cases this can be an advantage).
  • Program fees and revenue usually flow to the pool owner/operator leaving the team with more limited financial resources.
  • Swim team often is not the primary user or program in the facility and has limited control over scheduling pool time. (Often a problem when organizations of any type rent or lease pool space).
  • Owner/operators may not permit separate funding groups (i.e. booster club). All monies must go through owner/operator.

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